OSAP Surface Disinfectant Reference Chart - 2014

Category Brand
(packaged as)
EPA # Dilution TB
Manufacturer or
Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Optim 33 TB 74559-1-83259 RTU 5 min SciCan

Phenolics (Dual) Water-Based
Phenylphenol and benzylchlorophenol or tertiary amylphenol

Birex SE Concentrate 1043-92-51003 1:256 10 min Biotrol
Birex Disinfectant Wipes 


RTU 10 min Biotrol
DisCide Germicidal Foaming Cleaner 33176-6 RTU 10 min Palmero Health Care
ProSpray C-60 Conc. Surface Disinfectant 46851-1-50611 1:32 10 min Certol International
ProSpray Surface Disinfectant Spray 46851-5-50611 RTU 10 min Certol International
ProSpray Wipes 46851-10 RTU 10 min Certol International

Phenolics (Dual) Alcohol-Based
Tertiary amylphenol and/or phenylphenol + ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol

DisCide Disinfectant Spray 706-69-10492 RTU 10 min Palmero Health Care

Quaternaries Dual or Synergized Plus Alcohol
Diisobutylphenoxyethoxyethyl dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride; isopropanol or ethanol; alkyldimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride

CaviCide Spray 46781-6 RTU 3 min TotalCare/Pinnacle/
CaviWipes 46781-8 RTU 3 min TotalCare/Pinnacle/
Cetylcide II Broad Spectrum Disinfectant 61178-1-3150 2 oz/gal NOL Cetylite Industries
Clorox Disinfecting Spray 67619-3 RTU 10 min Harry J. Bosworth Company
DisCide ULTRA Spray 10492-5 RTU 1 min Palmero Health Care
DisCide ULTRA Wipes 10492-4 RTU 1 min Palmero Health Care
DisCide V Detergent Disinfectant 1839-83-10492 RTU 5 min Palmero Health Care
Lysol IC Disinfectant Spray 777-72-675 RTU 10 min Sultan Healthcare
Maxispray Plus 46781-6-10597 RTU 5 min Henry Schein Dental
Maxiwipe Germicidal Cloth 9480-4-10597 RTU 5 min Henry Schein Dental
Opti-Cide-3 Spray 70144-1-51003 RTU 3 min Biotrol
OptiCide-3 Wipes 70144-2-51003 RTU 3 min Biotrol
PDCare Surface Disinfectant Spray 46781-6-43100 RTU 3 min Patterson Dental
PDCare Wipes 46781-8-43100 RTU 5 min Patterson Dental
Sanitex Plus Spray 1130-150-64285 RTU 6 min Crosstex International
Sanitex Plus Wipes 9480-4-64285 RTU 5 min Crosstex International
Sani-Cloth HB Wipes 61178-4-9480 RTU 10 min PDI (Professional Disposables International)
Sani-Cloth Plus Wipes 9480-6 RTU 5 min PDI (Professional Disposables International)
Super Sani-Cloth Wipes 9480-4 RTU 2 min PDI (Professional Disposables International)
Z3 Surface Disinfectant/ Decontaminant Cleaner 46781-6-35659 RTU 3 min Benco Dental Co.
Z3 Wipes 59894-10-67454 RTU 2 min Benco Dental Co.

Quaternary Ammonium
No alcohol

Lysol IC Disinfectant Wipes 1839-174-675 RTU

10 min

Sultan Healthcare
Sani-Cloth AF (Wipes) 9480-5 RTU 3 min PDI (Professional Disposables International)
Sodium Hypochlorite Clorox Germicidal Spray 67619-13 RTU 30 sec Harry J. Bosworth Company
Clorox Germicidal Wipes 67619-12 RTU 2 min Harry J. Bosworth Company
Sodium Bromide & Chlorine Microstat 2 Tablets 70369-1 2 tabs/qt water 5 min Septodont
IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Listing does not imply endorsement, recommendation or warranty.  Other products are available.  Only OSAP member Hospital Disinfectants are represented in this chart.  Purchasers are legally required to consult label and package insert for changes in formulation and recommended use.  Check compatibility of material before use on dental/medical equipment. KEY:  RTU = Ready to Use; NOL = Not on label, e.g., one or both of the HIV/HBV claims is not provided on the label.  OSAP is using the CDC guidelines.  Be sure to use a disinfectant with a TB claim if there is any blood or OPIM present.
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