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Anthrax Toolkit

Anthrax Toolkit



Anthrax is a serious infectious disease caused by gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria known as Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax can be found naturally in soil and commonly affects domestic and wild animals around the world. Although it is rare in the United States, people can get sick with anthrax if they come in contact with infected animals or contaminated animal products. Contact with anthrax can cause severe illness in both humans and animals.
Anthrax is not contagious, which means you can’t catch it like the cold or flu.  Source: CDC

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Regulations & Guidelines                     


(1) Emerging Infectious Diseases/Pathogens


(1) Anthrax Basics

(2) Recommendations

(3) Anthrax Vaccine - What You Need to Know


(1) Anthrax

 OSHA  (1) Anthrax in the Workplace
 NIOSH  (1) Anthrax – Recommendations for Protecting Workers

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Best Practices                  

 (1) Recommendations

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Instructional Resources                  

(1) Medscape Commentaries

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