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5/31/2018 » 6/3/2018
2018 OSAP Annual Conference

In The News January - April 2013
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Antibiotic Resistance
Antibiotic prescribing rates vary by region: report
Drug-resistant 'superbug' may spread among patients, study finds
Drug-resistant MRSA bacteria here to stay in hospital and community settings
Antibiotic resistance a "catastrophic threat": UK medical chief
Study: Salmonella resistance to 2 key drugs increasing
CDC says ‘nightmare bacteria' a growing threat
Antibiotic 'apocalypse' warning
The future of antibiotics and resistance
HAIs linked to resistant organisms mostly unchanged in 2 years
Dental Office Safety
December 1st, 2013 training requirements
Risk of sharps
Dental Unit Waterlines
Dental unit waterlines pose dangers
UN convetion confirms phased-down approach for dental amalgam
Text neck: The link between texting and musculoskeletal injuries
Shine a light
Ergonomics and dental hygiene: It's all in how you say it
Why dental hygienists require special exercise
Hand Care and Hygiene
Why is hand hygiene still a problem in healthcare? 4 common culprits
Wash your hands
Efficacy of hand hygiene products is subject of new ASTM antimicrobial standard
How hand sanitizers sans alcohol hold up
Soaps and hand sanitizers: What works best against germs?
Survey finds Americans don't wash hands more often during cold and flu season
Really? The claim: Hand sanitizer stops norovirus spread
Back to basics: Hand hygiene
Patient Empowerment as a Hand Hygiene Strategy
Experts offer tips for making hand hygiene lessons "stick"
Infection Control in Dentistry
Study: Dental bib clips harbor bacteria after disinfection
Infection control and herpes simplex
Do bib clips pose a cross-contamination risk at the dental clinic?
Blood contamination of used dental anesthetic cartridges
Infectious Diseases
Okla. may expand testing if dentist spread hepatitis or HIV through Tulsa-area clinics
China eyes birds as H7N9 source as human cases rise to 33
CDC activates emergency center over H7N9
Planning for the next flu season
WHO: Drug-resistant tuberculosis a growing problem
Update on hepatitis B
Death toll from new SARS-like virus climbs to 9
Antibiotic-resistant strain of E. coli increasing among older adults and residents of nursing homes
US-Mexico border: Hotspot for drug-resistant TB
US warns health officials to be alert for deadly new virus
CDC says ‘nightmare bacteria' a growing threat
SARS-like virus may be spreading through human contact
Novel coronavirus case in UK raises global total to 10
Bugs without borders: The global challenge of MDROs
Flu season nearing the end, health officials say
Whooping cough may be becoming resistant to vaccines
Pneumonia strain has spread
Study: Airborne flu viruses may play big role in transmission
Link to African Ebola found in bats suggests virus is more widespread
US seniors hit hard by hepatitis B
Tough flu season in US, especially for the elderly
Case-control study of hepatitis B and hepatitis C in older adults: Do healthcare exposures contribute to burden of new infections
9 simple steps to protect yourself and your dental staff from flu
Slide show: A primer on scarlet fever
Slide show: A primer on rubella
Q&A with CDC flu expert Michael Jhung
New strain of norovirus spreads around the world
Patient Safety
Panel cites top 10 strategies for improving patient safety
AMA issues 5 patient safety guidelines
Standard written checklists can improve patient safety during surgical crises
Vaccines and Immunology
Putting an end to chickenpox
Patient safety tool: Healthcare worker flu immunization checklist
Myths about the flu vaccine
Study finds waning pertussis protection in kids post-vaccination
CDC: Flu vaccine's spotty strength no excuse to skip shot
FDA panel approved four-strain flu shot
Experimental tuberculosis vaccine fails to protect infants
CDC: Pandemic vaccine prevented 1 million cases, 300 deaths
A simpler immunization schedule for kids and teens
The journey of your child's vaccine
American College of Physicians calls for immunizations for all health care providers
Flu vaccine at quadruple dose needed for those with HIV






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