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2022 OSAP Annual Conference - Focus on the Future


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: I've attended the Annual Conference in the past. Am I able to attend this year?
A: Certainly!

Q: Who should attend?
A: Annual Conference is developed for participants who already have experience in dental infection prevention and safety who are seeking to build on, apply, or enhance existing knowledge using content in practical applications to master concepts. This conference is also for those with substantial prerequisite knowledge who are seeking the most up-to-date information to heighten expertise.

Q: I recently attended the 2022 OSAP Dental Infection Control Boot Camp™. Will this conference offer the same content?
A: While both the OSAP Dental Infection Control Boot Camp™ and the OSAP Annual Conference offer incredible content, they are two separate events.

The OSAP Dental Infection Control Boot Camp™ is a foundational-level educational course with a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the basics in infection prevention and safety. The course content is consistent year-over-year with only minor updates based on new regulations or guidelines.

The OSAP Annual Conference is the premier infection control and patient safety education and networking event in dentistry. This action-packed conference delivers the latest updates on evolving guidance and emerging infection prevention and safety issues. The content offered at Annual Conference changes every year.

Q: When will the conference take place?
A: The conference will take place Thursday, June 16 - Saturday, June 18, 2022, in Minneapolis, MN.

The conference recordings will become available on Friday, July 8. All participants will receive access to the session recordings for sixty (60) days.

Q: Where will the conference take place?
A: The conference will take place at:

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
1300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Q: How do I book my hotel room?
A: For more information on booking your room, please visit https://www.osap.org/annual-conference#hotel. In addition, the links to book your room will be included in your registration confirmation email.

Q: What is the cost of the hotel?
A: The group room rate is $179.00 plus taxes (currently 13.15% occupancy tax and 8.025% sales tax). The group rate is offered three days pre and post-conference dates, based on the availability of room type. The deadline for the guest room reservation is Friday, May 20, or until the room block is filled (whichever comes first). Please be sure to make your reservations early to guarantee availability.

Q: I booked my hotel room. Am I registered for Annual Conference?
A: Booking your room does not mean that you are registered for Annual Conference. The only way to register for the conference is to complete the registration form here: 2022 OSAP Annual Conference Registration.

Q: I am unable to attend in person. Am I able to live stream the sessions?
A: No. The only way to attend sessions live is by registering for the In-Person Plus option.

Q: Does participating in the Annual Conference count towards certification?
A: No. Participation in the Annual Conference does not count toward certification. To learn more about what does, please visit dentalinfectioncontrol.org.

Q: If I'm unable to attend, will there be another Annual Conference this year?
A: OSAP only offers one Annual Conference per year. If you are unable to attend in person, we encourage you to register for the On-Demand Only option.

Q: I require an additional special accommodation. Will OSAP take care of this?
A: OSAP is committed to delivering an inclusive and meaningful experience for all Annual Conference participants. The event registration asks this question. If you require specific accommodations, please let us know!

Q: Is there Annual Conference merchandise I can purchase?
A: You will be able to support OSAP by purchasing official Annual Conference merchandise! More information will be available soon.

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Health & Safety

Q: What safety measures will be put in place for in-person participants?
A: Our top priority is the health and safety of our participants, exhibitors, vendors, speakers, and OSAP staff. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, OSAP may update our health and safety policy to meet current science and evidence-based guidance. Click here to see the current Health & Safety Policy.

Q: Will in-person participants be required to be vaccinated?
A: All face-to-face participants, exhibitors, vendors, speakers, and OSAP staff are required to:

  • Be up to date (as defined by CDC) which means a person has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccines, including any booster dose(s) when eligible, OR
  • Submit a negative self-test taken 24 hours prior to arrival at the conference hotel (for a list of authorized tests, see FDA EUA tests) AND submit a second negative self-test on Friday, June 17.

Q: Are masks required for in-person participants?
A: All in-person participants will be required to wear masks in indoor events regardless of vaccination status. Masks may only be removed when a guest is actively eating or drinking.

Q: Will there be on-site testing for unvaccinated in-person participants?
A: OSAP will provide self-tests onsite for those individuals who want to test.

Q: How will I provide proof of vaccination OR a negative self-test?
A: OSAP is using CLEAR Health Pass*. Download the app here:

After downloading the app, please download our CLEAR Health Pass App Walkthrough guide to create your account and/or view this brief video

*Vaccinated in-person participants who currently live outside the United States must contact the OSAP Office at [email protected] to submit proof of vaccination.

Q: I am attending On-Demand Only. Do I need to download the CLEAR Health Pass app?
A: No. The app only applies to in-person participants.

Q: I am attending In-Person Plus. How will I check-in?
A: Bring your smartphone and have your scannable QR code ready! An OSAP team member will scan your code. If it turns green, you will be provided with your name badge and other course materials. If it turns red, that means you are not cleared for entry.

Q: What happens if my scan is red?
A: An OSAP representative will work with you to resolve the issue.

Q: Why do I have to share my vaccination status to attend in-person?
A: The safety of our participants, speakers, board members, exhibitors, vendors, and staff is our top priority. Per the HIPAA Journal, “Any organization can ask any employee, customer, or relevant third party whether or not they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 without violating HIPAA.” In addition, “Only organizations that are HIPAA Covered Entities or Business Associates are subject to the HIPAA regulations with regards to how information about vaccination statuses is collected, maintained, used, and disclosed.”

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Q: What are the registration options?
A: There are two registration options: In-Person Plus and On-Demand Only.

Q: What is included with my registration?
A: Click here to view our registration features.

Q: What is the cost of registration?
A: Click here to view our registration pricing guide.

Q: What currency will OSAP accept?
A: OSAP pricing is written in US dollars, and OSAP only accepts US dollars. If you need to see an exchange rate, we recommend accessing an exchange rate calculator.

Q: How do I register?
A: To register, complete the registration form here: 2022 OSAP Annual Conference - Registration.

Q: Am I able to mail in a paper registration form?
A: No. We are only accepting online registrations.

Q: Am I able to register over the phone?
A: Due to the length of the registration form, we strongly suggest registering online. Please contact us at +1 (410) 571-0003 or [email protected] if you have any questions and/or require technical support.

Q: What is the registration deadline?
A: Since we'll be offering the On-Demand Only option, registration will be open through Friday, August 26. To be eligible for the early-bird rate, however, you must register by Thursday, April 21.

Q: Do we receive an additional discount for bringing multiple people?
A: No. We are not offering an additional discount for multiple participants.

Q: Am I able to register multiple people at the same time?
A: No. Because every attendee must self-attest to their vaccination status, all participants must register separately. OSAP is unable to accommodate any exceptions to this.

Q: Am I able to complete the registration form on behalf of a participant?
A: Because every participant must self-attest to their vaccination status, we strongly suggest that all participants register themselves. To ensure that registration forms are as accurate as possible, we also strongly suggest that participants register themselves and then submit an invoice to an employer if needed.

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International Attendees

Q: Can I get an invitation letter?
A: OSAP will be pleased to issue an invitation letter upon request. Contact [email protected] to request a letter of invitation. Note: An invitation from OSAP is not a commitment on the part of the Association to provide any financial support or a guarantee that a visa will be issued to you to enter the United States.

Q: How far in advance should I apply for a visa?
A: It can take as long as four months to get a visa to enter the United States. If you require a visa to enter the United States, please check with the American embassy or a consulate to obtain the necessary documents as soon as possible.

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Q: Is there going to be an auction this year?
A: Yes! After more than 2 years apart, the OSAP Annual Conference is back in-person, and so is our Fun'd Raising Auction!

Q: What does the auction support?
A: The auction and your donations help support OSAP's Foundation work. Learn more about the OSAP Foundation here.

Q: If I'm unable to attend in-person, can I still participate in the auction?
A: Only in-person participants at the 2022 OSAP Annual Conference will be able to make bids; however, whether or not you will be attending this year’s conference, we hope you will consider donating to this event.

Q: What item(s) can I donate?
A: Some donation suggestions include:
  • Electronics and technical items
  • Themed gift baskets
  • Vacation getaways
  • Boutique wines
  • Airplane and balloon rides
  • Upscale bags
  • Jewelry
  • Children's items
  • Special events and game tickets
  • Golf items
  • Artwork
  • And more

Please consider donating a new, unused item to the OSAP auction.

Q: How do I donate an item?
A: Complete our Auction Item Donation Form online to donate an item.

Q: If I'm donating an item, how do I get it to the conference location?
A: Any donated items must be shipped to the following address to arrive no earlier than Friday, June 10, 2022:

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
Attn: Emily Robinson (OSAP Silent Auction – June 16-18, 2022)
CSM: Debbie Famiglietti
1300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

If you plan on attending the 2022 Annual Conference in Minneapolis, you also have the option to bring the item with you. If you are not attending in person, you do have the option of sending your item with a friend/colleague who will be attending.

Q: Can I ship my item to the OSAP Office?
A: No. Any donated items need to be shipped to the conference location directly.

Q: What if I'm donating an experience/trip that can't be shipped?
A: OSAP will coordinate with you to get the needed information.

Q: I'm unable to donate an item. Is there another option for supporting OSAP?
A: Absolutely! Learn more about making a monetary donation to OSAP here. In addition, OSAP will be selling Annual Conference merchandise! The link to purchase will be available soon.

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Payment, Invoicing, and Refunds

Q: How do I pay for my registration?
A: Once registration opens, you will have two (2) payment options:
  1. Pay immediately via credit card (OSAP accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)
  2. Create an invoice to be paid no later than Thursday, June 9

Q: Will I pay for my registration, or is my employer/company making payment on my behalf?
A: Please reach out to your employer/company directly for further assistance before registering for the Annual Conference; OSAP is unable to assist with this request. If you would like to request funding from your employer/company, please download our justification letter: In-Person Plus or On-Demand Only.

Q: I need a copy of my invoice. How do I get one?
A: After completing the registration process, you will receive a copy of your invoice via email from [email protected]. You can forward this email to an appropriate person/department within your company/employer for payment processing.

Q: If I choose to create an invoice, will OSAP mail me and/or my employer a copy?
A: No. After completing the registration process, you will receive a copy of your invoice via email from [email protected]. You can forward this email to an appropriate person/department within your company/employer for payment processing.

Q: If I created an invoice, how do I make payment?
A: The following procedures are for making payment after an invoice has already been created.

  • Make payment online by clicking on the link in your invoice email. If you need the link resent to you, please contact us at [email protected].
  • If payment needs to be processed over the phone, please contact the OSAP Office at +1 (410) 571-0003. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Eastern.
  • If processing payment via check, please remit payment to the following address:
One Glenlake Parkway, NE
Suite 1200
Atlanta, GA 30328
  • If processing payment via purchase order, OSAP needs the purchase order number so that it can appropriately be listed on the invoice. In addition, OSAP will need the contact information of the appropriate department that will be handling the payment.

Q: Will I be charged any taxes for my registration?
A: No. Click here to view the registration rates.

Q: What is the deadline to make payment?
A: Any invoices related to the 2022 OSAP Annual Conference must be paid by Thursday, June 9. Any invoices created after this date must be paid in full immediately. Please note that OSAP must receive payment in full prior to the event. If payment is not received, you may not be allowed to participate.

Q: What if my company must make the payment directly?
A: After completing the registration process, you will receive a copy of your invoice via email from [email protected]. You can forward this email to an appropriate person/department within your company/employer for payment processing.

Q: Does OSAP accept purchase orders?
A: Yes! After a participant has registered, a purchase order must be submitted via email to [email protected].

Q: I registered, but I am no longer able to attend. Am I eligible for a refund?
A: All participants receive access to recordings of sessions on Friday, July 8. If you are unable to attend in-person, you still have this alternative option for participating.

However, for those participating in On-Demand Only or whose schedule will no longer allow them to attend in-person and/or on-demand, all registration cancellations and refund requests must be made in writing to [email protected] by Thursday, May 26.

  • An 80% refund of course fees will be given for cancellations received by Thursday, April 21.
  • A 50% refund of course fees will be given for cancellations received between Friday, April 22, and Thursday, May 26.
  • No refunds will be granted for requests sent after Thursday, May 26. OSAP regrets that refunds will not be given for no-shows.

All requests for exceptions to the cancellation/refund policy must be submitted in writing by the registrant with appropriate documentation no later than Thursday, May 26. After that time, no refund considerations will be made.

Q: I am no longer able to attend, but one of my colleagues will be taking my place. How do we switch the names on the registration?
A: We are unable to honor registration switches and/or transfers. The new participant will need to register themselves online. The original participant will need to contact us at [email protected] or +1 (410) 571-0003 to cancel the original registration.

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Q: How many continuing education credits will I receive?
A: Participants will be able to claim up to 17.50 CE credits.

Q: When will the on-demand recordings become available?
A: The on-demand recordings will become available starting Friday, July 8.

Q: Can I get CE credits for watching the on-demand recordings?
A: Yes! Self-study continuing education hours are provided for any session viewed after its original presentation (i.e., on-demand recordings), July 8 – September 9, 2022. To claim credits, you must complete a quiz in the OSAP Infection Prevention & Safety CE Center for each session.

Q: How do I claim CE?
A: In-Person Plus participants will keep track of their CE credits individually via a paper CE tracking sheet given out on-site. On-Demand Only participants will be able to claim and track their CE in the OSAP Infection Prevention & Safety CE Center.

Q: What is the agenda for the conference?
A: Click here to view the agenda (subject to change).

Q: Is participation worth AGD PACE credits?
A: OSAP is not an approved AGD PACE provider. However, OSAP is an ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP) Provider. The AGD’s Fellowship award guidelines indicate that CE credits earned from ADA-CERP approved providers are accepted towards AGD awards.

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