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Psychology of Infection Control







What does it take to motivate compliance with safe practices? Learn about what's behind the "oops" and obtain new tools and strategies to apply in practice.

Course Outline:

  1. Defining Roles: Infection Control and clinical application from a psychological perspective
  2. Understanding Compliance and Noncompliance from a psychological perspective
    • What motivates the human mind?
    • How does behavior modification apply to dentistry?
    • What motivational techniques have been successful in clinical application?
  3. Tools for the Trade: Techniques to improve compliance
    • Ownership vs. Defiance
    • Behavior Modification
    • Motivational Techniques
  4. Putting It All Together: Applying the psychological to the clinical tasks in infection control
    • Developing in-office application
    • A new perspective: Knowing what motivates the human mind, follow through with compliance

**This program was supported through an educational grant from Sunstar Americas



Noel Kelsch RDHAP
Ma'rhya Kelsch MSW, LSW



After attending this presentation, participants should be able to:

1. Define the peer centered ownership of infection control responsibilities in the dental setting

2. Identify the psychological barriers to compliance in infection control protocols

3. Understand role that behavior modification and motivational techniques play in infection control compliance

4. Develop a program for infection control that includes a psychological centered approach to clinician compliance in infection control



This program was supported through an educational grant from


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