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OSAP 2015 Symposium What’s Noteworthy or New Regarding Infection Control in the Dental Lab?

OSAP 2015 Symposium: Infection Control - Gaining the Edge

TITLE    What’s Noteworthy or New Regarding Infection Control in the Dental Lab?




This course will provide information on the challenges faced by dental laboratories for proper management of potential occupational exposures to infectious agents during their manufacturing processes. Dental implants pose challenges to the laboratory due to the presence of blood and other potentially infectious material which may not be obvious to the dental technician working with the impressions and models. Removable denture repairs and relines remain a source of concern for exposure during these manufacturing processes. As dental technicians are doing more consulting with dental practitioners and patients, ranging from shade verifications, either in the dental office or in the laboratory, to implant placement during surgery, infection control must be a priority for the entire dental team.





Gary Morgan CDT






After attending this program, participants should be able to:

  • Apply best practices in infection control in the dental laboratory environment
  • Identify the problems created by dental impressions for dental labs in managing bloodborne pathogen exposures, while maintaining integrity and accuracy of those impressions.
  • Adopt better communications between dental practice team members and dental laboratory technicians enabling discussions within the team on minimizing the exposure risks to team members 





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