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OSAP 2015 Symposium The Power of Clean and Instrument Flow

OSAP 2015 Symposium: Infection Control - Gaining the Edge

TITLE    The Power of Clean and Instrument Flow




Power of Clean:  This portion of the course will raise awareness of cleaning challenges such as biofilm and relevant AAMI ST79 recommendations.   Content will focus on objective methods and tools to measure quality outcomes for the cleaning process.   This program will summarize two categories for cleaning process assessment:   (1) Types of contaminants / soils and the tools available to detect residual soils;  (2) Tools to test the functionality of equipment (ultrasonics, mechanical washers) and cleaning chemistry.   Examples of test coupons, testing devices and practical, low-cost options for basic cleaning assessment will be reviewed with attendees. 

Instrument Flow: A dental instrument reprocessing center is simulated using laminated posters for prototypes of the washer, sterilizer and instrument storage area.  The instruments, instrument packs and monitor test are smaller laminated pictures that attach to the washer, sterilizer and storage area with Velcro. The scenario is narrated. Several mistakes will be made during the scenario. The audience is asked to look for discrepancies and the facilitator will lead a discussion to address learning objectives in this highly interactive session.





Peggy Spitzer RDH MA

Lt. Col. Kelli Mack DDS





After attending The Power of Clean, participants should be able to:

  • Identify  contamination challenges and relevant cleaning recommendations from AAMI ST79.
  • List methods to detect residual soils on instruments and surfaces and identify most effective tools to detect residual blood.
  • Describe test devices and methods to assess functionality and detergency in devices such as  ultrasonic instrument cleaners and instrument washers.

After attending Instrument Flow, participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the correct flow of instruments in instrument reprocessing centers.
  • State several ways to enhance the systems in instrument reprocessing to order to prevent errors and reduce opportunities for patient harm.
  • Identify opportunities in their own instrument reprocessing systems that could lead to errors and mistakes.




Power of Clean

Instrument Flow


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