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5/31/2018 » 6/3/2018
2018 OSAP Annual Conference

OSAP Awards




Kathy Eklund RDH, MHP

The Dr. James J. Crawford Award is named in honor of one of the founding fathers of dental infection control. Awardees have made major contributions in science, education, or public policy related to OSAP’s core competencies of infection control and patient and provider safety. 

Kathy Eklund RDH MHP


The Boards of Directors of OSAP and the OSAP Foundation have elected Kathy Eklund for the 2016 Crawford Award. Ms. Eklund was one of the first members of OSAP and has been an active leader within the organization ever since. She was an expert consultant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines for Infection Control inDental Health-Care Settings-2003 as well as the recently introduced Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings: Basic Expectations for Safe Care and Checklist.

Ms. Eklund has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time to educating the profession on how best to protect the health and safety of dental providers and the public. Never one to say no, Ms. Eklund has represented OSAP and its mission whenever asked, no matter what the personal cost. She has presented on OSAP’s behalf at major conferences, symposia, and board meetings of other organizations, and has contributed to the development of policy and practice materials and publications throughout the past three decades. She is a tireless advocate for infection control and prevention and has time and again made major contributions to that cause in the fields of science, education and public policy.

Previous honorees:

1998: James J. Crawford PhD
1999: John Molinari PhD
2000: Robert Runnells DDS
2001: Walter W. Bond MS RCSA
2002: Herman H. Langkamp III MS 
2003: Chris Miller PhD
2004: John Young DDS MSc
2005: Donald Marianos DDS MPH
2006: Robert Kolstad PhD
2007: Sam Rosen PhD
2008: William Rutala PhD MPH
2009: Eve Cuny RDA MS
2010: A. Enrique Acosta-Gio DDS PhD
2011: Jennifer Cleveland DDS MPH 
2012: Jennifer Harte DDS MS
2013: Michael Glick DMD

2014: Harold Jaffe MD MA FFPH
2015: Therese M. Long MBA CAE

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Doug Braendle

The Dr. Milton Schaefer Award recognizes nominees whose efforts have resulted in tangible benefits to the continuing advancement of OSAP’s mission to be the world’s leading advocate for the safe and infection-free delivery of oral healthcare. This award named after one of the founding members of OSAP, recognizes superior service to the organization and may recognize either continuous contributions over a period of time or singular accomplishments. The nominee's efforts should have resulted in tangible benefits to the continuing advancement of OSAP's mission to be Dentistry's Resource for Infection Control and Safety. Nominees may be either HCPs or corporate members.

 Doug Braendle

        Doug Braendle is the recipient of the 2016 Dr. Milton Schaefer Award. Mr. Braendle has made outstanding contributions to OSAP and the infection control community. When he is asked to help, contribute, or participate in any infection control activity, the answer is always, without a doubt, “YES.” He has prioritized education within his SciCan team and actively promotes educational seminars to dental personnel around the country. While many infection control leaders “preach to the choir,” Mr. Braendle reaches out to those “in the trenches” who so desperately need continuing education in infection control. He has served brilliantly on the leadership team of OSAP and his skills as treasurer are renowned. He has continuously contributed to OSAP and has helped forward its mission since his first introduction to the organization. He personifies the spirit of this award.

Previous honorees:

2002: Milton Schaefer DDS MLA
2003: Mel Rouse
2004: Shannon Mills DDS
2005: Charles John Palenik PhD MS MBA
2006: Kathy Eklund RDH MHP
2007: Gayle MacDonald PhD
2008: Jennifer Cleveland DDS MPH
2009: Andy Whitehead
2010: Nancy Tomich Zapp and Lois Cohen PhD
2011: John Hunt OBE FFGDP(UK) BDS
2012: Cheryl Wolf CDA BS
2013: Karen Gregory RN
2014: AEGIS Communications
2015: Henry Schein Dental and Patterson Dental

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James A. Cottone Award for Excellence in Investigative Research

This award is named for one of the founders of OSAP who exemplified the best in infection control and safety research.

Pictured right: Evandro Watanabe PhD. Pictured left, presenting the award:
Shannon Mills DDS

     Evandro Watanabe PhD is the recipient of the 2008 Dr. James A. Cottone Award for his research poster entitled "Dental Unit Water: Contamination with Oral Bacteria After Flushing Water." There was no recipient in 2009 - 2016.

Previous honorees:

1999: Ruby Singh
2000: Kathleen O'Keefe RN
2001: Charles John Palenik PhD
2002: Nuala Porteous DDS and Robert Cooley DMD MS
2003: Joyce M. Galligan RN DDS
2004: Enrique Acosta-Gio DDS PhD
2005: Ralph Leonard DDS MPH
2007: Charles Palenik PhD MS MBA
2008: Evandro Watanabe PhD

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Michele Junger DDS, MPH 

In 2015, OSAP introduced a new award: Emerging Infection Control Leader. The goal for the award is to help develop and promote the next generation of stars in the field of dental infection prevention and safety by identifying outstanding new infection control advocates. 

Michele Junger DDS MPH

Dr. Michele Junger is the recipient of the 2016 Emerging Infection Control Leader Award. Dr. Junger attended the OSAP Annual Conference last year in Baltimore and immediately set about building her OSAP community network. She is always willing to roll up her sleeves to advance the cause of safe dental care and made significant contributions to the recent launch of the CDC Summary document and compliance checklist. She has worked with OSAP collaboratively to introduce the new information throughout the dental profession and has demonstrated a strong grasp of the science and a dedication to teamwork that endears her to those who work with her. As she steps in to fill the position created by Dr. Jennifer Cleveland’s retirement, she will only increase her impact on the field of infection control and patient safety in the years ahead.

Previous honorees:

2015: Jessica Wilson MPH

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Jennifer Cleveland DDS MPH

This special award for leadership bestowed at its discretion to specifically recognize individuals whose vision, works or achievements have significantly influenced and broadly shaped dental infection control. Unlike other awards, the special leadership recognition is not given annually.


Jennifer Cleveland DDS MPH

Epidemiologist Jennifer Cleveland DDS MPH advanced the body of knowledge of infection control and safety since her first days at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1991. Her contributions include leading the development of the Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings in 1993 and in 2003, as well as the 2016 Summary and Checklist, serving as project officer on the CDC’s cooperative agreement with OSAP, participating in the World Health Organization’s conference on Creutzfeld Jacob disease and dentistry, developing tools for HIV screening in dental settings, and translating the 2005 Infection control guidelines to prevent transmission of mycobacterium tuberculosis for the dental setting. She served on OSAP’s editorial board and on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). In addition, over the past two decades, Dr. Cleveland has had seven manuscripts featured as the cover article for JADA. Dr. Cleveland has been a strong advocate for patient safety and for OSAP throughout her Public Health career. She has truly made a difference and the OSAP family wishes her every happiness in her “next career.”  

Previous honorees:

2014: Bradley Kasson DDS

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Bette and Paul Schwarz Award for Volunteerism

Jackie Dorst RDH

This award, named in honor of the Schwarz's for their innumerable contributions of time and service to the OSAP Annual Conference, recognizes volunteers who go over-and-above in helping the organization achieve its goals through their volunteer service.

Jackie Dorst RDH

This award honors volunteer spirit and is named for a couple who for many years managed all of the volunteer activities associated with the annual conference. Jackie has for many years been the on-site “cheerleader” of the OSAP charity auction. She helps encourage participation in this critical fundraising event through her bubbly and engaging personality and general enthusiasm. She has never been seen without a warm and sincere smile on her face and readily steps up to the plate (or as she did one year—onto a scooter) to do whatever task or activity is required to get the job done. 

Previous honorees:

2003: Bette Schwarz LPN CDA and her husband, Paul
2004: Claire Pagliara RN MSN PhD and her son, Jeff
2005: Sharon Dickinson CDA CDPMA
2006: Helene Bednarsh RDH MPH
2007: Teresa Ludwig MT
2008: Cheryl Wolf BS CDA
2009: Jean Wolff RDH MEd
2010: Matt Deck
2011: Linda Basquill DDS
2012: Pamela Head and Norma Rychwalski
2013: Susan Bailey
2014: Kathy Marianos 
2015: Jill Hunt

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OSAP is seeking nominations for three leadership awards, which will be presented during the OSAP Annual Infection Control Conference in Atlanta, GA, June 22-25, 2017. The awards are the Crawford Award for lifetime achievement in the field of dental infection control, the Schaefer Award for superior service and contributions to OSAP, and the Emerging Leaders Award for new infection control ambassadors. Individuals can nominate themselves or another person. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, April 14, 2017. 

CLICK HERE to submit your nomination.



(1) CRAWFORD: awardees must have made major contributions in science, education, or public policy related to OSAP’s core competencies of infection control and patient and provider safety
(2) SCHAEFER: recognizes nominees whose efforts have resulted in tangible benefits to the continuing advancement of OSAP’s mission. This award recognizes either continuous contributions over a period of time or singular accomplishments of great merit.
(3) EMERGING LEADER: next generation of stars in advancing dental infection prevention and safety.

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