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Disinfection Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - Disinfection - Archived Through 2012



I read recently that placing disinfectant in a container with 4X4 gauze for use on dental equipment is not recommended. Can you explain why this should not be done? 

In general, cotton fibers contained in gauze may shorten the effectiveness of some disinfecting agents when stored in containers together.

Germicides, especially iodophors or chlorines, may be inactivated or absorbed by the gauze. As such, disinfectants should not be stored in containers with gauze.

If used to apply disinfectant to surfaces, gauze should be saturated with the disinfecting agent at the time of use. Although this is an acceptable option, disposable paper towels typically are a more economical alternative.

Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when handling chemicals and managing contaminated surfaces.

1) Molinari JA. In Cottone JA, Terezhalmy GT, Molinari JA, eds. Practical Infection Control In Dentistry, 2nd. edition. Philadelphia: Williams & Wilkins, 1996:195. 


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