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FAQ - Dental Unit Waterlines - 2013
 FAQ -  Dental Unit Waterlines -  2013



Would you please provide any information you have regarding the use of iodine for treating the water supply on dental chairs? Thank you!

Ask OSAP does not review, evaluate, certify, recommend or endorse products. Ask OSAP also does not provide technical support for specific products. If you have further questions about procedures and specific products it is recommended that you consult with the manufacturer’s written instruction manual and/or contact the manufacturer of your product or the product in question.

In general, as Infection Control and Management of Hazardous Materials for the Dental Team states:

Decontaminating and Antimicrobial Agents

Decontaminating and antimicrobial agents are available to use in independent water reservoirs to attack the biofilm. Some agents are placed in bottles periodically (e.g., once a week) and flushed into the water lines, held there for various periods of time, and flushed out. Other chemical agents are added directly to the treatment water to provide continuous antimicrobial activity in the lines. Other antimicrobial systems such as ultraviolet light, high heat, or antimicrobial chemicals (e.g., iodine, silver ions, and ozone) are used to treat municipal water before it enters the dental units. Chemical agents with antimicrobial claims are to be registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. Devices attached to the dental unit to deliver decontaminating agents should be cleared by the FDA as an accessory to a medical device. 1

The USAF Dental Evaluation & Consultation Service offers Synopsis of Dental Unit Waterline Treatment Products and Devices which can be accessed at:   2

OSAP offers additional information regarding dental unit waterlines on its Website which can be accessed at:   3

A Google search for dental unit waterlines and iodine can be accessed at:
bv.45960087,d.dmQ&fp=95ad487a1128529e&biw=1568&bih=859   4


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