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FAQ - Hand Hygiene - 2015
FAQ - Hand Hygiene - 2015



I was in a dental office today and the staff was talking about "Nail Wraps". I must be old because I had no idea what they were talking about. It's like having a sticker on your nail that lasts for about 2 weeks. They come in all different designs. One of the employees stated that they had been at an OSHA training session where the consultant told them that these are fine to be worn in dentistry?? I rather doubt this after checking the Nail Wrap website and reading how they are applied and that they do "lift" after time just like an artificial nail. I am wanting to confirm that these are not a recommendation by CDC either?

This question is in reference with handwashing and soap. In our dental faculty we have been informed that our handsoap is being discontinued and I am in the process of finding a new one for the clinics. I was informed that in a health institution it is important to have a soap this is best for all users, and the soap used should be the same brand in all locations of the faculty, clinics, labs, washrooms etc. but cannot find any literature on this to support this theory. In dentistry it is a fact that one has to wash their hands on numerous occasions to keep in standards with IPAC guidelines. We need to research a soap that is not too harsh on the hands and will not cause individuals to have sensitive reactions to it. I have been told that product consistency is important. Are you able to comment on this or direct me to the best sites to find literature. 

Have the hand hygiene recommendations changed? We had our annual OSHA update last week and were informed that the hand hygiene protocol is changed to hand washing with invasive procedures instead of visibly soiled. We currently utilize hand sanitizer the majority of our day. I have searched and do not see documentation of this change.

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