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FAQ - Instrument Processing - 2016
 FAQ -  Instrument Processing - 2016



Is double wrapping a requirement and if so, is it in all instances or only under certain conditions?

Ask OSAP would like to refer you to the following information from the USAF Dental Evaluation & Consultation Service:

Single vs. Double Wrapping Cassettes (2/07 UPDATED (2/16)

Question: We use instrument cassettes in our dental clinic and wondered if the cassettes should be wrapped with one or two wraps before sterilization?

Answer: All dental surgery sets should be double wrapped (either double wrapped using 1-ply wrapping material or single wrapped using 2-ply wrapping material) to provide aseptic presentation according to nationally recognized guidelines. The best way to determine how to wrap your other kits is to review the wrapping material manufacturer instructions for use (IFU). Some manufacturers make a 1-ply wrapping material and may require sequential or simultaneous wrapping using two sheets, other manufacturers make 2-ply wrapping material and may have different IFU (e.g. wrapping with a single sheet of 2-ply wrapping material. Therefore it is essential to check the IFU of the product you are using. 1


(1)    USAF Dental Evaluation & Consultation Service. Sterilization - Packaging and Storage.
  Accessed on October 11, 2016.



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