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FAQ - Sterilization - 2015
 FAQ - Sterilization - 2015



Why do cassettes need to be wrapped with 2 wraps?

Do pouches need to be stored on sides like wrapped cassettes?

I have a question that has recently come up regarding the current standards for verifying sterilization - what are the current requirements for verifying that sterilization ha occurred from cycle to cycle and also with regard to the use of BI's?

Is it acceptable to just use one Class 5 Integrator strip in each autoclave load and use a Class 4 IMS strip in each package?

I have a question regarding sterilization process indictor requirements. I know that an exterior and interior monitor should be used. Does the CDC recommend a Class 4 indicator for dental instruments?

How long should a dental hygiene department keep the records of the biological monitoring system for sterilization?

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I see that different manufacturers have different recommendations for how a sterilization pouch should be placed in an autoclave. Some recommend paper up (and plastic down) and others do the opposite. I was wondering if you could help with what is the CDC recommendation on this.

I am wondering if it is acceptable to use a new biological monitor in our steam autoclaves that boasts a 10 -hour read time vs the traditional 24 hour incubation process?

I have a question regarding our autoclave settings. We have a pouches and a packs setting on our autoclaves....the pouches setting takes the temp to 270 degrees for 5 minutes, while the packs goes to 250 degrees for 30 minutes. There is also the capability to program settings in.
We have been running our autoclaves on pouches for a long time, and have never failed a spore test in our autoclave history.
Do you have guidelines on what temp and time settings our autoclaves should operate on?

Could you please provide the proper procedure for labeling or marking sterilization pouches and wrap? Specifically, is it acceptable to write directly on the packaging and if so, where? I cannot find anything specific in the CDC Guidelines, but the following is stated in ST79 in section 8.3.2- If a marking pen is used to label paper–plastic pouches, the labeling information should be written only on the plastic side of the pouch. If a marking pen is used to label wrapped packs, basins, instruments, or other surgical supplies, the ink should be nontoxic, and the labeling information should be written on the indicator tape or affixed labels. Is this the proper information to follow?

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