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FAQ - Waste Treatment & Disposal - 2015
 FAQ - Waste Treatment & Disposal - 2015



We are in possession of some large oxygen and nitrous tanks. They have been in our office for 25 years, in a closet.  They have never been hooked up for usage. We are requesting the correct way to dispose of these tanks?  The original company for these tanks is no longer in business.  The local welding company that supplies our size E tanks for use does not want anything to do with these tanks. When I asked if we could simply dispose of these as scrap material, the welding company said I should contact OSHA for the correct disposal method.  Can you supply information on this for us?

Ask OSAP is not in the position to know the laws of every state that govern such things as the proper disposal of oxygen and nitrous oxide tanks. It is recommended that you consider contacting your local state public health agency (i.e., state health department), state environmental protection agency, or your local health department for further information on this matter. Although Ask OSAP makes no specific company recommendations, you may also wish to contact other similar companies that are currently active to see if they can help you.

Additionally, you may find some information in the following Google searches to be of assistance:

proper disposal of oxygen tanks, ohio

proper disposal of nitrous oxide tanks, ohio


1) Google search using the terms “proper disposal of oxygen tanks, ohio”.
Accessed on February 19, 2015.

2) Google search using the terms “proper disposal of nitrous oxide tanks, ohio”.
  Accessed on February 19, 2015.



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