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Instruments & Equipment Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - Instruments & Equipment - Archived Through 2012



Our 90-student hygiene clinic currently uses a commercial vacuum-line cleaner twice a week to maintain the lines. What else should we do to keep the lines free of build-up? 

Consult the manufacturer of your high-velocity evacuation system (vacuum/suction) and equipment for information on proper care and maintenance, and follow the directions and frequency of use for the recommended cleaning product.

The suction system is routinely exposed to large amounts of saliva, debris, and blood. Infection control experts recommend daily maintenance of the high-velocity evacuation system, including the use of cleaners.(1,2)


(1) Miller CH, Palenik CJ. Infection Control and Management of Hazardous Materials for the Dental Team 2nd edition. St. Louis: Mosby, 1998.

(2) Cottone JA, GT Terezhalmy, Molinari JA. Practical Infection Control In Dentistry 2nd edition. Philadelphia: Williams & Wilkins, 1996 




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