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5/31/2018 » 6/3/2018
2018 OSAP Annual Conference

OSAP International

First Latin American Biosafety Encounter – OSAP Latin American Meeting

2010 FDI Congress, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


The First Latin American Biosafety Encounter – OSAP Latin American Meeting represented a landmark event in the history of FDI, which addressed the following topics:

•Biosafety in Central America and the Caribbean by Dr. Carmen Carrington Betts (Panama)
•Biosafety in Brazil and South America by Dr. Lusiane Borges (Brazil)
•Environmental impact of oral health services waste by Mr. William Torre (Brazil)
•Dental infection control information: the role of private companies by Ms. Liliana Donatelli (Brazil)

The challenges for implementation of unified infection control protocols were highlighted throughout the encounter.

The experience of Panama in building awareness and consensus on biosafety among dental educational institutions, major public and private dental care providers, public health authorities, legislature, national (i.e. AOP) and regional (i.e. FOLA) dental associations, provided insight for the following discussion on implementation of biosafety and infection control initiatives throughout Latin America.

Brazil highlighted the importance of addressing simultaneously dental students and dental practitioners with unified infection control protocols, as well as the importance of continued education for dental assistants.

Patient Safety was also highlighted during the encounter and aligned with the OSAP/CDC/WHO Patient Safety Initiative.

The challenges of dental waste management were discussed and the experience of Brazil on this matter shed some light on alternative approaches to this serious problem.

The experience of private companies in Brazil, providing education on biosafety and Infection Control, helped build a holistic approach by bringing together providers of biosafety equipment with dental professionals, who are trying to provide biologically safe services to their clients. OSAP has championed this approach for many years.

The first Latin American Biosafety Encounter concluded with a rich session of questions, answers and suggestions, with the participation of many professionals who attended this important event.
During its formal meeting, held in the framework of the FDI 2010 Congress, FOLA agreed to provide unconditional support to include in the agenda of the FDI 2011 Congress in Mexico City, the Second Latin American Biosafety Encounter – OSAP Latin American Meeting.

The First Latin American Biosafety Encounter – OSAP Latin American Meeting, held during the FDI 2010 Congress was an important step towards strengthening biosafety and infection control in Latin America. The Second Encounter in Mexico City has the challenge of bringing many other stakeholders into the scene, to create a regional movement towards better and higher standards of dental care in Latin America.




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