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News Summary for May 2014

During the month of May 2014, there were a total of 295 links to news items posted on Daily Updates.

The top news areas included:

  • MERS remained in the news. The first case of MERS in the US was identified in a traveler recently returned from Saudi Arabia.
  • A record breaking year for measles in the US was reported
  • The West Africa Ebola outbreak remained in the news
  • The World Health Assembly approved a hepatitis resolution
  • WHO declared a global health emergency to stem the potential resurgence of polio

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

  • Dengue cases in the Americas rose 5-fold in 10 years
  • Puerto Rico confirmed its first chikungunya case
  • Globally, 2.1 billion people are obese or overweight 
  • Researchers found that ultraviolet cleaning reduces hospital superbugs by 20 percent
  • Alaska again leads the nation in tuberculosis infection rate
  • The US Preventive Services Task Force advised that specific groups of people should undergo screening for hepatitis B
  • National Stroke Awareness Month was observed
  • A study found that spouses of patients with HPV-related oral cancer are not at higher risk of HPV
  • Measles and mumps cases in Ohio continued to rise
  • The US Preventive Services Task Force has released its recommendations for primary care providers on services that will prevent caries in children up to 5 years old
  • Antibiotic-resistant genes are widespread in nature
  • Hepatitis Awareness Month and National Hepatitis Testing Day were observed
  • Hand Hygiene Day was observed

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