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5/31/2018 » 6/3/2018
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News Summary for January 2014

During the month of January 2014, there were a total of 265 links to news items posted on Daily Updates.

The top news areas included:

•China continued to report more H7N9 influenza infections. Analysis of the new H7N9 wave warned of a coinfection threat.
•MERS remained in the news
•The EPA has issued a final rule authorizing use of electronic manifests to track hazardous waste
•H1N1 influenza predominated nationally as flu levels increased. The flu season child death toll doubled according to the CDC. A fatal H5N1 case in Canada is North America's first.
•OSHA released new resources to protect hospital workers and enhance patient safety
•HHS issued health IT safety guides
•A new study found higher prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among dental students
•The 50th anniversary of Surgeon General's Report on smoking and health was observed. Fifty years of anti-smoking efforts have saved 8 million lives. The list of smoking-related illnesses grew significantly.

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

•Hepatitis C treatment is shifting as new drugs emerge
•Researchers found that infection control practices are not adequately implemented at many hospital ICUs
•A study concluded that Emergency Rooms are not curbing overuse of antibiotics
•A shortage of intravenous saline is causing hospitals and dialysis centers to scramble to manage their supplies of one of the most commonly used drugs
•The ADA issued a disease prevention paper
•Infection control experts are considering the elimination of doctors' white coats
•The CDC has launched a new website for preventing infections in long-term care settings
•The NIH research network found that many youth have high levels of HIV
•New HIV infections in South Africa are on a steady decline according to the UN
•The FDA issued a warning that acetaminophen doses over 325 mg might lead to liver damage
•'Simple' strategies have cut VA MRSA infection rates
•The FDA has proposed glucose meter guidance to improve infection control in nursing homes and hospitals
•The risk of dying from cancer has dropped 20% in 2 decades
•The flu vaccine lowers death risk for heart disease patients
•The US spends 5 times more than the UK on antibiotics for children

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