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5/31/2018 » 6/3/2018
2018 OSAP Annual Conference

News Summary for March 2014

During the month of March 2014, there were a total of 240 links to news items posted on Daily Updates.

The top news areas included:

  • An Ebola outbreak in Africa was reported
  • MERS remained in the news. WHO sees camels as the MERS source, but the route is uncertain. 
  • CDC estimates that 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder
  • World Oral Health Day was observed and celebrated in more than 75 countries
  • World TB Day was observed. TB was reported as continuing to drop in the US, but is doing so unevenly.
  • WHO warned that poor diagnosis is driving global multidrug-resistant TB
  • Fewer people are getting infections in hospitals, but many still die
  • A new CDC Vital Signs report focused upon improving antibiotic use among hospitalized patients

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

  • H7N9 remained in the news
  • The results of a study found that nearly 97 percent of health professionals wash their hands when patients are asked to watch
  • The US FDA took action to offset a shortage of common saline solution
  • The CDC in collaboration with health officials in Missouri and Tennessee identified six new cases of people sick with Heartland virus: five in Missouri and one in Tennessee
  • WHO certified 11 Asian nations free of polio 
  • One million children are infected with TB each year. And, as many as 32,000 children are infected with drug-resistant TB each year.
  • New TB screening guidelines overseas have saved the US an estimated $15 million
  • Mumps outbreaks occurred in the US
  • Measles outbreaks occurred in the US
  • The North Atlantic may be a new route for spread of avian flu to North America 
  • A Canadian study found that the flu vaccine cut risk of flu-related hospitalization by 59%
  • A CDC survey reported that hepatitis C cases have fallen 16% in the US
  • The MMR vaccine has been connected to a lower rate of hospital admissions
  • A CDC study found that the flu vaccine reduced children’s risk of intensive care unit flu admission by three-fourths
  • Antibiotic-resistant bacteria among children in the US is on the rise

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