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News Summary for April 2015

During the month of April 2015, there were a total of 259 links to news items posted on Daily Updates.

The top news areas included:

The FDA issued a proposed rule for health care antiseptics
A WHO report found systems to combat antibiotic resistance lacking
The US updated its water fluoridation guideline for the first time in 53 years
The CDC warned that more HIV, Hepatitis C outbreaks were likely among drug users in an outbreak originating in Indiana 
Avian flu was a concern in the Midwest. Minnesota declared a H5N2 emergency as the spread continued.

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

The CDC reported a rare vaccinia infection in a vaccinated lab worker
WHO said that the risk of Ebola spreading to other countries appears to be falling
Researchers found that Noroviruses can spread by air  
The Americas was declared the first region to eliminate rubella  
Some dental patients in Arizona were contacted due to a sterilization error
WHO released the next phase of the Ebola response plan  
On World Day, the UN labour agency urged a culture of prevention in occupational safety and health
A UN report found that air pollution in Europe costs $1.6 trillion a year in deaths and diseases
The MMWR published Occupational Traumatic Injuries Among Workers in Health Care Facilities — United States, 2012 – 2014
World Immunization Week was observed
World Malaria Day was observed
The NIH launched its largest clinical trial focused on HIV-related cardiovascular disease  
Oral Cancer Awareness Month was observed

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