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News Summary for August 2014

During the month of August 2014, there were a total of 370 links to news items posted on Daily Updates.

The top news areas included:

• Ebola remained in the news. The outbreak worsened in Africa. Experimental drugs to treat Ebola were also in the news. A single animal to human transmission event was reported to be responsible for the 2014 Ebola outbreak. The UN response roadmap showed that the Ebola caseload could exceed 20,000 in the course of the emergency. The CDC issued a case definition. CDC and NIOSH released fact sheets and guidance on Ebola. CDC deployed staff to the stricken area. The NIH prepared for a human safety study of an Ebola vaccine candidate.
• A study found little evidence of spread of MERS-CoV in Saudi households
• Caribbean chikungunya cases exceeded 500,000 

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

• US infant vaccination rates were reported as high, but it was noted that the unvaccinated remain vulnerable
• The first spread of Vaccinia virus through shaving after contact transmission was reported
• National Immunization Awareness Month was observed
• A new study concluded that 40 percent of Americans will develop diabetes
• A large trial found that a high-dose flu shot is beneficial for seniors
• A study found that hand sanitizers are not shown to cut school absences 
• The EPA approved protocols for antimicrobial fogging and misting application claims
• Scientists have developed a nasal test for human prion disease
• The FDA warned that tattoo inks can cause infections 
•  A new committee will advise HHS on planning for children’s health in disasters
• Measles was reported in Nebraska for first time since 1990

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