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News Summary For November 2015

During the month of November 2015, there were a total of 182 links to news items posted on Daily Updates. 

The top news areas included:

  • Ebola and MERS remained in the news
  • UNAIDS said that millions are receiving HIV treatment globally through an accelerated and focused response
  • An expert panel suggested a separate WHO subgroup for outbreaks
  • NIH launched an initiative to develop long-acting HIV treatment and prevention tools
  • National Diabetes Month was observed

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

  • The CDC aims to increase the number of tweens receiving the HPV vaccine
  • The Zika virus has spread to more countries
  • The FDA approved a new flu vaccine designed for seniors
  • WHO has recorded the highest-ever number of new HIV cases in its European Region
  • UNICEF said that adolescent deaths from AIDS have tripled since 2000
  • The FDA has approved a vaccine for use after known or suspected anthrax exposure
  • Scientists identified a gene that could make bacteria resistant to all antibiotics
  • The Joint Commission proposed a new standard on antimicrobial stewardship 
  • OSHA is seeking public comment as it updates Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines
  • WHO said that a misunderstanding of antibiotics fuels a superbug threat  
  • Dirty endoscopes top ECRI Institute's 2016 Technology Hazards List
  • Scarlet fever — a disease making a comeback — may be increasingly antibiotic resistant
  • The CDC said that a small portion of hepatitis C outbreaks occur in hospitals

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