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News Summary For December 2015

During the month of December 2015, there were a total of 166 links to news items posted on Daily Updates. 

The top news areas included:

  • MERS remained in the news
  • Zika virus made the news. The PAHO issued a Zika virus alert.
  • Guinea was declared Ebola-free
  • Flu virus in pigs has shown a worrisome pandemic profile
  • Slowly growing US flu activity rose above key baseline indicators
  • The White House unveiled a plan for battling MDR-TB
  • A NPSF report called for a total systems approach and a culture of patient safety
  • HHS says patient safety efforts have saved 87,000 lives, $20 billion
  • World AIDS Day was observed

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

  • Hepatitis C may be tied to a greater risk for Parkinson's Disease
  • Early flu vaccination is tied to fewer symptoms for healthcare workers
  • Ebola studies highlighted survivor symptoms
  • A study found that many dentists do not use rubber dams during root canal therapy
  • Mexican health officials approved the use of first Dengue vaccine
  • WHO reported a further decline in the global malaria burden
  • OSHA issued tools to help prevent workplace violence in healthcare settings
  • US annual HIV diagnoses are down 19 percent over the past decade
  • Hawaii is facing rise in Dengue Fever cases
  • A superbug known as the ‘phantom menace’ is on the rise in the US

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