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News Summary for February 2009

During the month of February 2009, there were a total of 200 links to news items posted on Newsflash.

The top news areas included:

•Avian influenza remained in the news with new outbreaks reported in several countries
•The Salmonella outbreak in the US that was linked to peanut containing products remained in the news
•The federal tuberculosis task force issued its plan to combat XDR-TB
•Influenza levels in the US were low, but began to increase in late January. Pediatric deaths were reported to parallel the rise in US flu cases.
•The US FDA and the WHO endorsed a new B strain for the 2009-10 flu vaccine
•A study concluded that from 1997-2007 the overall rate of MRSA infections in US hospital ICU's decreased by nearly 50%

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

•A Japanese prospective study on occupational stress found it to be associated with incident strokes
•A study concluded that in curbing influenza outbreaks, soap and water was slightly more effective than hand rubs, but they both work well
•The US vaccine court ruled against three families that claimed vaccines caused their children's autism
•An Atlanta hospital experienced a Legionnaire's disease outbreak
•South Africa plans to step up its AIDS battle
•OSHA updated pandemic influenza information on its Web site
•Measles cases increased for the third year in the UK
•AIDS was reported as the number one killer disease in China last year
•A study linked oral inflammatory diseases to Epstein-Barr virus
•OSHA released a new fact book about itself


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