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News Summary for March 2010

During the month of March 2010, there were a total of 62 links to news items posted on Newsflash (Affiniscape) and a total of 214 links posted on Daily Updates ( The total number of news links posted for March was 276.

The top news areas included:

H1N1 influenza remained in the news. The CDC estimated that 59 million Americans have contracted pandemic flu. In terms of life years lost, H1N1 was described as having a sizeable impact. It was determined that the 1918 and 2009 viruses shared a key feature. Pandemic flu activity increased in some parts of Central and South America
•In general the US seasonal influenza season was milder this year
•ACIP recommended universal annual influenza vaccination
•A joint panel of experts released new guidelines for diagnosing, managing, and treating Clostridium difficle
•World TB Day was observed on March 24

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

•The British Dental Association marked its 130th birthday
•The US EPA is to investigate the environmental impact of BPA
•A study concluded that MRSA infection rates are six times greater in HIV patients
•WHO stated that 85 million African children to be vaccinated against polio
•Researchers discovered the gene for TB susceptibility
•Scientists discovered a new form of prion disease that damages brain arteries
•OSHA proposed that employers track musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
•Shingles of the eye was identified as a risk factor for stroke
•The FDA warned consumers in Puerto Rico of harmful bacteria in a hand sanitizer
•Norovirus surged in the Boston area
•TB was said to continue to increase in the UK
•WHO said that it does not have enough information to determine if it is winning the battle against drug resistant TB
•People leave a unique trail of germs behind
•New cases of non-melanoma skin cancer experienced a dramatic increase in the US
•FDA suspended use of the Rotarix vaccine due to bacterial contamination


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