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News Summary for June 2014

During the month of June 2014, there were a total of 279 links to news items posted on Daily Updates.
The top news areas included:

• MERS remained in the news. A flawed response was said to have fueled the outbreak of MERS in the Middle East. Over 25% of recent Saudi MERS patients were health workers.
• There were several media accounts regarding different infection control breaches in dental settings in the US
• The CDC recommended a new type of HIV test
• Chikungunya virus was in the news
• Ebola virus remained in the news with an outbreak in West Africa
• Measles outbreaks remained in the news
• Whooping cough outbreaks were in the news. California declared it epidemic.
• UN officials urged greater commitment, investment, innovation to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

• The FDA issued a safety warning against prescription of lidocaine solution for teething pain
• National HIV testing Day was observed
• ACIP cited a preference for nasal-spray flu vaccine for young children
• Both hospital patients and people at home are threatened by the C. difficile epidemic
• Your phone's bacteria match your own
• A shortage of saline solution continued
• IDSA updated guidelines on skin and soft-tissue infections
• OSHA set a new date for a final rule on walking/working surfaces 
• The FDA has proposed social media guidelines 
• OSHA is to convene a small business review panel on infectious diseases
• Researchers found that herpes was passed from chimps, long before humans
• Study results indicated that the public knows little about head and neck cancers
• SHEA issued updated guidance for preventing MRSA, blood stream infections
• The US Budget Office has an EPA separator proposal under review
• A study concluded that when hospital personnel are vaccinated, community flu rates fall
• The CDC reported that norovirus leads the list of food outbreak culprits   


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