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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Archived Through 2012



Could an employee subcontract with a doctor to take soiled personal protective equipment (PPE) home and launder it? 

OSHA states that, "Home laundering by employees is not permitted since the standard requires that the laundering be performed by the employer at no cost to the employee. Home laundering is unacceptable because the employer cannot ensure that proper handling or laundering procedures are being followed and because contamination could migrate to the homes of employees…. If PPE is not cleaned, laundered, and disposed of by the employer, or if the employer cleans the PPE but there is a charge to the employee, then paragraph (d)(3)(iv) should be cited.”(1) Considering the position of OSHA as defined in this compliance directive, it would be imprudent to subcontract an employee to fulfill this duty at home.


(1) OSHA. Compliance Directive CPL 2-2.69 - Enforcement Procedures for the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens. Available at   




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