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Practice Safety/Patient Safety Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - Practice Safety/Patient Safety - Archived Through 2012



I have found that when debriding an instrument, taping a cotton roll to the bracket tray does not work. First of all, if the cotton roll is wet the tape does not stick. Secondly, ergonomically the operator must keep turning since we do not put the tray over the patient for safety issues. What can OSAP recommend? 

Try taping four cotton rolls to the bracket tray first. Next, only moisten the two inner cotton rolls. This may solve the problem of the tape not adhering to the bracket tray cover. Although this will not totally eliminate the need to stop during the procedure to remove residual debris, it may be helpful to remind students to remove residual debris before picking up the instruments and/or when they are placing it back on the tray. Also, try using autoclave tape to hold the cotton rolls in place.

A recent Infection Control In Practice Practice Tip from OSAP member Dr. Joe Olk suggests securing a 1” strip of self-adhering elastic orthopedic wrap around the mirror handle, just under the curved neck. With a simple turn of the wrist, the sharp end can be gently wiped over the wrap until the debris is left behind. The tape is about 2-mm thick, so it's thin enough not to affect instrument handling yet thick enough to cushion the sharp end and grab any dental materials or bioburden sticking to it. Because it's attached to the mirror, the clinician need not turn away from the working field. 


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