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Sharps Safety/Postexposure Management Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - Sharps Safety/Postexposure Management - Archived Through 2012



What is the opinion of OSAP on the issue of needlesticks versus safety sharps? 

Since the use of engineered sharps injury prevention devices is no longer optional, it is important to know the currently available devices and evaluate each for implementation in the individual setting. These devices are not limited to needles, but encompass any sharp device with the potential to expose workers to patient's blood or other potentially infectious materials. At least two resources exist for evaluation of sharps devices in dentistry (1,2). Devices should be carefully screened before being used in clinical practice. Only those devices that appear to work well in "bench testing” outside of patient treatment should be introduced during patient care, and staff must be fully trained in their use.

(1) TDICT. Evaluation tools for dental safety syringes, dental handpiece delivery systems, safety dental gloves and safety dental goggles. Available at

(2) CDC. Sample screening and device evaluation forms. Available at 





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