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In The News Spring 2014
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Antibiotic Resistance
Antibiotic-Resistant Germs, Lying in Wait Everywhere  
'Superbugs' that can overpower antibiotics are spreading: WHO 
What we need to do about antibiotic-resistant infections 
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria among children in the United States on the rise 
CDC calls out antibiotic prescribing problems 
Stop the spread of superbugs 
Dental Unit Waterlines
Disease transmission through dental unit water: An update  
Emergency Preparedness 
Hurricane Readiness  
Prepare for unpredictable spring weather 
Despite progress, gaps still remain in US preparedness
Environmental Health 
Study may effect how buildings are ventilated 
Air pollution kills 7 million a year, WHO says 
How the spreading symptoms of climate change can be deadly  
Where do you stand with your dental ergonomics? 
Computer Workkstations - Desks  
Magnification loupes in U.S. entry-level dental hygiene programs--occupational health and safety 
Hand Care and Hygiene
Health-care worker hand hygiene rates increase three-fold when auditors visible 

Study Finds Low Hand Hygiene Compliance Rates During Anesthesia Administration 

Handwashing posters now available in 6 languages 
Nearly 97 percent of health professionals wash their hands when patients are asked to watch 
One in five US health facilities don’t put hand sanitizer everywhere needed to prevent infections, Columbia nursing and WHO find  
Infection Control In Dentistry
Infection Control and Volunteer Dental Settings  
Effect of disposable barriers, disinfection, and cleaning on controlling methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus environmental contamination 
Surface disinfectants: What dentists and their staff need to know  
Bleach vs. bacteria 

A survey of infection control teaching in US dental schools 

Infectious Diseases

Haiti, Dominican Republic cases push chikungunya total past 260,000 

Evidence for Camel-to-Human Transmission of MERS Coronavirus 
WHO: Chikungunya  
The Nation’s Health: Simple ways to prevent norovirus outbreaks  
Tuberculosis Control in New York City — A Changing Landscape  
Clostridium difficile: Not Just in Hospitals Anymore  
Whooping cough sweeps through California  
Measles Outbreaks in the US: Why Now?  

7 strategies for preventing MRSA 

CDC concludes Indiana MERS patient did not spread virus to Illinois business associate  
Hepatitis C testing is critical to stopping a silent epidemic   
HPV Found in Two-Thirds of Americans, Survey Finds   
After 2015: Infectious diseases in a new era of health and development 
Homes Now 'Reservoirs' for Superbug MRSA  
Human Papillomavirus Prevalence in Oropharyngeal Cancer before Vaccine Introduction, United States   
Measles: Highly contagious, easy to prevent 
Humanity's global battle with mosquitoes 
WHO sees camels as MERS source, but route uncertain 
CDC reports more cases of Heartland Virus Disease 
PBS FRONTLINE film prompts media coverage of TB epidemic 
MMWR: Trends in tuberculosis — United States, 2013 
Measles outbreak may have spread in medical facilities, a New York City official says 
Find TB. Treat TB. Working together to eliminate TB. 
Nearly 3 million Americans living with hepatitis C 
Researchers study MRSA transmission via healthcare workers 
CDC reports flu hit younger people particularly hard this season  
US, 26 countries launch effort to fight outbreaks 
Occupational Health
Occupational health problems among dentists in Moldavian Region of Romania 
Patient Safety 
Open wide: looking into the safety culture of dental school clinics

Fewer people are getting infections in hospitals, but many still die 

Vaccines and Immunology
HPV Vaccine for Oral Cancer?  
Panel: Flu spray better than shots for young kids  
The ethical negligence of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children 
U.S. Gets a New Flu Vaccine  
Study Highlights the Impact of Hospital Worker Vaccination on Community Flu Rates  
New CDC Article Reiterates Importance of Administering Vaccines as Recommended 
Vaccines prevent more than 700,000 child deaths in the U.S.: CDC 
New study shows flu vaccine reduced children’s risk of intensive care unit flu admission by three-fourths 
No-fridge nasal vaccines on the horizon 
Canadian study: Vaccine cut risk of flu-related hospitalization 59% 
WHO keeps same strains for next season's flu vaccine
Common infections linked to stroke in children; vaccines may reduce risk
10 reasons to get vaccinated

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