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In The News September - October 2012
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Dental Office Safety
FDA issues guidance on dental CBCT
Dental Unit Waterlines
Dental unit waterline management: historical perspectives and current trends
Emergency Preparedness
Slide show: Emergency and public health preparedness
Policymakers plot next pandemic flu preparedness steps
Work-life imbalance is a pain in the neck (literally)
JADA Continuing Education: The effects of periodontal curette handle weight and diameter on arm pain: A four-month randomized controlled trial
Ergonomics: The science for better living and working
Hand Hygiene
Survey reveals majority of Americans do not ask medical professionals about hand hygiene
WHO hand hygiene self-assessment framework: Hospital performance in the US and around the globe
Daily disinfection of isolation rooms reduces contamination of healthcare workers' hands
National survey finds Americans lax in handwashing habits
Virtual nurse to promote hand hygiene
Infection Control in Dentistry
Advancing infection control in dental care settings Factors associated with dentists' implementation of guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Dentist clinic operates without steriliser
Massachusetts dental public health program directors practice behaviors and perceptions of infection control
Study: Many bib clips harbor bacteria after disinfection
Patients' perception of cross-infection prevention in dentistry in Jordan
Infectious Diseases
Meningitis outbreak poses questions for experts, clinicians
Ten states dealing with H3N2 outbreak
Certain antibiotics increase the risk of treatment failure in children with MRSA-related skin and soft-tissue infections
UK experts share new details on novel coronavirus case
Scientists probe how some HIV patients resist AIDS
Facts about measles for adults
Whooping cough -- pertussis -- on the rise in Alaska
Whooping cough: A stealthy illness
Whooping cough concern
West Nile epidemic on track to be deadliest ever: CDC
Patient and provider acceptance of oral HIV screening in a dental school setting
Tuberculosis, drug resistance, and the history of modern medicine
"Sunshine" vitamin D found to speed tuberculosis recovery
New virus tied to ticks poses puzzle for doctors
First death is reported from new pig flu strain
H3N2v and you
Infections among homeless could fuel wider epidemics: study
Tropical diseases: The new plague of poverty
Meetings and Conferences
ADA Annual Session
Occupational Health
Occupational health issues of oral health care workers in Edo State, Nigeria
Patient Safety
AHRQ patient safety project reduces bloodstream infections by 40 percent
Patient safety tool: Toolkit for colored wristbands
Project taps engineers, families for hospital safety
Personal Protective Equipment
What kind of eyewear should you be wearing?
Vaccines and Immunology
Busting common myths about the flu vaccine
Joint Commission adds additional weight to importance of HCW vaccination against influenza
HEALTH adopts regulations to require flu shots for healthcare workers in Rhode Island
WHO: 2013 southern flu vaccine should copy 2012 northern version
Follow-up lacking for babies after hepatitis B vaccination: CDC
Recommended vaccines for all healthcare personnel
Attitudes of dental healthcare workers towards the influenza vaccination
Pertussis vaccine protection wanes 42% every year
Private school vaccine opt-outs rise
Study: Few pediatric adverse events tied to 2009 H1N1 vaccine
National Council on Aging urges older adults to get their annual flu shot
Water Quality
Tap water used in Neti Pots tied to rare, fatal brain infection
Ethiopia: Safe water critical to health of HIV-positive people






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