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Training & Personnel Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - Training & Personnel - Archived Through 2012



Our dental office used the OSAP Interact Training System. When an employee fails to successfully complete the testing do you recommend review and retesting individually or as a team? 

If a number of employees give incorrect answers to the same question(s), a group post-test review session may be necessary.

If an employee gives incorrect answers to a number of questions, or no other employee gives incorrect answers to the question(s), it may be better to review the test with that employee privately. The employee can explain his/her answers, receive correct information in private, and avoid any possible embarrassment. It should be noted that some individuals simply are poor test takers and may do much better when they can explain their answers in a verbal format.

After providing employee(s) with the necessary review to understand policies, procedures, and rationale, consider re-testing at a future date to ensure understanding of the material. 



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