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Waste Treatment & Disposal Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - Waste Treatment & Disposal - Archived Through 2012



What is the best way to store scrap amalgam?

All Federal, State, and Local regulations/laws apply with regard to disposal of amalgam waste including empty amalgam capsules. OSAP does not maintain individual state/local regulations/laws and can only provide you with general information. You should contact your state and local EPA agency, State Dental Society/Association, and State Board of Dental Examiners/Licensing Board to inquire about applicable laws in your area.

OSAP has links to State Agencies at:

The American Dental Association (ADA) has revised their recommendations concerning amalgam waste. The ADA's Best Management Practices For Amalgam Waste (March 2004) recommends that disposable amalgam capsules be recycled and not disposed of in biohazard containers, infectious waste containers (red bags) or regular garbage. The ADA offers suggestions that include several steps that can be taken with regard to disposable amalgam capsules. The suggestions may be viewed in the Best Management Practices For Amalgam Waste. (1) (2)

Again, these are only ADA recommendations and all Federal, State, and Local regulations/laws must be adhered to.

Scrap Amalgam

Salvage and store all contact and non-contact scrap amalgam in separate, appropriately labeled, tightly closed containers. (3)

Recycle scrap amalgam through an amalgam recycler. (3)

Follow the requirements of your amalgam recycler for the storage, disinfection and shipping of scrap amalgam. (3)


1) ADA's Best Management Practices For Amalgam Waste may be viewed at:

2) The ADA has a great deal of information concerning amalgam. Links to this information is 
located at:

3) The Environmentally Responsible Dental Office: A Guide to Proper Waste Management in Dental Offices. Northeast Natural Resource Center of the National Wildlife Federation and the Vermont State Dental Society. June 1999.




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