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Waste Treatment & Disposal Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - Waste Treatment & Disposal - Archived Through 2012



We recently purchased some new lead shields at our office. How do we properly dispose of the olds ones?

First and foremost, lead must be disposed of according to all federal, state, and local laws/regulations. OSAP does not maintain state/local laws, or regulations, therefore, check with your State Environmental Protection Agency—solid waste division (EPA) and State Board of Dental Examiners/Licensing Board for current federal, state, and local regulations governing lead disposal in your state. There also may be state and local health regulations (due to the lead content) that OSAP would not be aware and your State Health Department/Agency should be contacted as well. You may also contact a licensed waste hauler in your area for additional information on proper disposal.

Typically, lead should be segregated and placed in a clearly labeled lead waste container to await disposal or recycling by a properly licensed waste hauler. But again, lead must be handled and disposed of according to your state/local laws.

OSAP provides links to individual state agencies at:



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