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X-rays Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - X-Rays - Archived Through 2012



What information could you provide regarding cross contamination with regards to lead lined radiography aprons and thyroid collars in the dental office? Should the lead apron be placed with clean gloves or without gloves? What is the proper protocol for removing the lead apron from the patient? Should the patients disposable dental bib be left on the patient while taking radiographs? I have not found a consistent policy with regard to the processing of radiographs.

1. Contaminated patient bibs should be removed prior to placement in order to avoid contamination of the underside of the lead apron/thyroid collar.

2. Lead aprons/thyroid collars may be placed with clean hands or one may choose to wear clean exam gloves.

3. Contaminated gloves should be removed and hands washed prior to removing the lead apron/thyroid collar. Because the lead apron may have become contaminated you should wear new exam gloves or over-gloves when removing the lead apron.

4. Lead aprons/thyroid collars should be cleaned and disinfected after each patient use. You should consult the manufacturer for a list of acceptable cleaning and disinfecting products that may be used on their aprons/collars.


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