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2022 OSAP Annual Conference - Focus on the Future

Health & Safety  | CLEAR Health Pass

Health & Safety 

Current as of February 11, 2022

Our top priority is the health and safety of our participants, exhibitors, vendors, speakers, guests, and OSAP staff. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, OSAP may update our health and safety policy to meet current science and evidence-based guidance.

1. All face-to-face participants, exhibitors, vendors, speakers, and OSAP staff are required to:

Health & Safety Policy Requirements
*up to date (as defined by CDC)
**negative self-test
***FDA EUA tests

2. OSAP will provide self-tests onsite for those individuals who want to test
3. All in-person participants will be required to wear masks in indoor events regardless of vaccination status. Masks may only be removed when a guest is actively eating or drinking
4. Masks are not required for outdoor events.
5. The hotel will provide hand sanitization stations throughout the event area and other public spaces.
6. OSAP will offer distanced seating sections to accommodate various levels of comfort. The in-person events may be limited in attendance due to space capacity.

Individuals who experience any of the following should NOT participate in the in-person course in Minneapolis:

If you must cancel within 14 days of the conference due to one of the events listed above, you may still participate in the On-Demand Only option. As soon as you become aware of your symptoms or exposure, please contact [email protected] to cancel your attendance in Minneapolis.

Travel Tips:

  • Currently, air travel is not recommended unless you are fully vaccinated.
  • At least one week prior to leaving for the conference ensure you have reviewed the current CDC Travel Guidance.
  • If for some reason you become ill during the conference, OSAP will provide a list of local sites which provide testing. The expense of any medical care is the responsibility of the individual. Depending on your mode of transportation, if you become ill with COVID-19, travel home may not be possible until you recover CDC What to Do If You Are Sick.

CLEAR Health Pass

To help facilitate compliance with safety protocols, OSAP is using CLEAR Health Pass*. Download the app here:

After downloading the app, please download our CLEAR Health Pass App Walkthrough guide to create your account and/or view this brief video

*Vaccinated in-person participants who currently live outside the United States must contact the OSAP Office at [email protected] to submit proof of vaccination.