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What are OSAP's values?

Patient and Provider Safety 

We believe that all patients deserve access to oral healthcare that is delivered safely and that the people who are involved in delivering such care are protected from occupational injury or illness.

Science-Based Learning

We value lessons learned from the application of scientific principles. We believe the work we do should be grounded in data, research, and rigorous evaluation. When appropriate, we also welcome expert consensus to help inform the development of practical guidance.


We are not influenced by nor do we endorse any corporate entity or product. We hold ourselves accountable and act consistently to communicate and uphold the scientific principles of infection prevention and patient and provider safety.

Competent Community

We value a knowledgeable and skilled community of individuals, organizations, and corporate entities who deliver safe and infection-free care and/or products that facilitate such delivery. We believe that achieving a highly competent community of members and non-members requires formal education, continuous learning, mentoring, leadership development, and networking independent of geographic location, as well as policies, programs, and resources that promote and support increased competency.

Collaborative Leadership

We value collaboration with individuals, agencies, and organizations to assure the safe and infection-free delivery of oral healthcare to all. We believe that together we can successfully carry out our unique missions and achieve our shared vision.

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