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Ziad N. Al-Dwairi

Professor and Consultant of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontic
Jordan University of Science and Technology

Visiting Professor of Prosthodontics
Implantology Faculty, The City of London Dental School, United Kingdom

- Associate Editor/BMC Oral Health
- Associate Editor/Dental Materials/Frontiers in Dental Medicine
- Section Editor/European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry


Local Regulations
Al-shawabkah F, Kalboneh M, Huwaidi N. Manual of cross infection control in dental clinics. Jordanian Ministry of Health (2003).
Copies can be obtained by contacting:
Dr. Mustafa Dawood
Ministry of Health
P.O. Box: 86
Amman - 11118

Dental Schools
Jordan University of Science and Technology
Jordan University

Jordan Dental Association

Jordan Medical Association

Ministry of Health

Middle East Centre for infection control and disinfection technology


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Arabic Translation

Recommendations from Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings---2003
Translated by Doctors Lama W. Yousef and Muawia A. Qudeimat




Fellowship of Faculty of Dental Trainers Awarded to Professor Al-Dwairi

Professor Ziad N AL-Dwairi has been recognized and awarded fellowship of Faculty of Dental Trainers of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in the UK.

The Fellowship is the highest certificate awarded by the college after evaluation in three main domains, including teaching and clinical training, educational leadership, and scientific research. Five sub-domains emerge from each domain related to research, scientific and training contributions, and scientific awards.

The Faculty of Dental Trainers (FDT) promotes the role of the dental trainer, recognises achievement and excellence and, ultimately, enhances the quality of patient care.

Professor Al-Dwairi Awarded Fellowship of Faculty of General Dental Practice From United Kingdom

Professor Ziad Al-Dwairi who is a professor in Prosthetic Dentistry at Jordan University of Science and Technology was awarded Fellowship of the FGDP (UK) for his professional achievements, distinction and diversity of expertise in teaching, education, research and delivering excellence in primary dental care.

Professor Al-Dwairi has several key publications in Prosthetic Dentistry and won many International awards and is a member of several international dental organizations. He also works as chief and associate editor and reviewer for many International high impact dentistry journals.

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) is an independent UK dental professional body and was establishe as a faculty of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Professor Ziad N. Al-Dwairi Conferred With The Prestigious Global Outreach Dental Award 2020 For Excellence in Prosthodontics

This award is presented by the Global Outreach Medical and Health Association for the first time. Professor Al-Dwairi was acknowledged for excellence in Academic, Research, Clinical and Leadership endeavors locally and internationally. Professor Al-Dwairi has many international awards and membership in several international organizations. He also works as editor and reviewer for many high impact journals in Dentistry.

Professor Ziad Al-Dwairi Awarded Memebership in the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons

Professor Ziad Al-Dwairi has been awarded Associate Membership in the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons ( Associate RACDS).

Professor Ziad Al-Dwairi Selected for Fellowship of the American College of Dentists

Professor Ziad Al-Dwairi has been selected for Fellowship of the American College of Dentists (F. A. C. D).

Fellowship is a distinct honor and the selection reflects Prof Al-Dwairi’s exceptional leadership, achievements and involvement in the dental profession and in Jordan.

The mission of the College is to advance excellence, ethics and professionalism and leadership in Dentistry. It was found in 1920 and has a vital role in identifying and responding to issues affecting Dentistry, oral health and society.

Professor Al-Dwairi will be formally inducted in September 2019 during the ADA/FDI congress in the U.S.A.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and Pierre F Auchard Academy honor Professor

Professor Ziad Al-Dwairi, Vice Dean of Faculty of Dentistry was nominated and awarded the membership of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. In addition, he was honored a fellowship by The Pierre Fauchard Academy (USA) as the first Jordanian to get this honor for his significant accomplishments in field of dentistry and contributions to dental literature, service to the profession of dentistry, and activities to maintain high professional standards around the world. The Pierre Fauchard Academy is an honorary dental service organization that was founded in 1936 and is named after Pierre Fauchard of France (1678-1761), who is recognized as the "Father of Modern Dentistry" for raising dentistry to a profession. He wrote a book named "Le Chirurgien Dentiste au Traite des Dents" which was the first true textbook of dentistry.




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