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Member Benefits Q&A

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1 What are the OSAP member benefits?
2 How do my member benefits compare to other member types?
3 How does My Community work?
4 How can I access the Forum?
5 How can I find my member certificate?
6 How does the member directory work?
7 What is InfoBites?
8 I'm not an OSAP member. Can I still get InfoBites?
9 What is ICIP?
10 How can I earn CE for ICIP issues?
11 How can I access older ICIP issues?
12 I haven't been receiving InfoBites or ICIP. Why have I stopped getting these?
13 What is The Safest Dental Visit™ Toolkit?
14 Are there different versions of The Safest Dental Visit™ toolkit?
15 What are Toolkits & Topics?
16 I have a scientific question. Where can I find an answer to my question?
17 I've searched in the OSAP FAQs. What if I still can't find an answer to my scientific question?
18 How can I submit my question to Ask OSAP?
19 When will I receive a response to my Ask OSAP question?
20 Instead of filling out the online form, can I call the OSAP Office to submit Ask OSAP questions?
21 I'm not an OSAP member. Can I still submit an Ask OSAP question?
22 How do the discounts on event registrations and store items work?
23 As a member, am I able to use OSAP materials for training/education of my staff/students?
24 Why can't I access my member benefits?