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5/30/2019 » 6/2/2019
2019 OSAP Annual Conference

OSAP 2014 Symposium Final Content
 2014 OSAP Annual Conference: Moving Forward to a Safer Tomorrow in Dentistry

By Speaker
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 By Day

  Back to Top Consultants' Preconference Program
 Acosta-Gio, Enrique Educators' Preconference Program
 Bednarsh, Helene
 Chamberland, Mary   Friday
 Cleveland, Jennifer #Social Media Strategies for Compliance
 Collins, Fiona Infectious Diseases in a Crazy Modern World
 Cuny, Evelyn - Thursday, Saturday Infection Control at the Intersection of Guidelines, Regulations and Standards
 de P. Donatelli, Liliana Infection Control in Dentistry - Then, Now and What's Next?
 Back to Top Conspiracy Theories in Science
 Eklund, Kathy  
 Fox, Christopher  Saturday
 Garland, Kandis Dental Laboratory Infection Control Protocols
 Glick, Michael - Friday, Saturday
Effective Written and Spoken Communication Skills Needed to Achieve Compliance
 Greenberg, Barbara
Chairside Screening for Serious Medical Conditions -Hands-on Workshop
 Heckler, Lou
Infection Control Challenges in Multi-Location Settings
 Hellstein, John
Supporting Infection Control Compliance Through Research and Change
 Hohenberger, Heather
Instrument Processing Update - What's New?
 Hughes, Charles
(Repeat) #Social Media Strategies for Compliance
 Jaffe, Harold
Laser Update
 Joseph, Michael
Global Infection Control Best Practices
 Keefer, Leann
How to Develop Policies and Protocols that Promote Compliance
 Ludwig, Teresa
Recent Advances in Environmental Asepsis
 Marianos, Don
Web-based Infection Prevention Resources
 McCrone, Susan
Wrap-up Panel: Moving Forward to a Safer Tomorrow in Dentistry - What we learned at this Symposium
 Molinari, John
 Back to Top  OSAP 2015
 O'Keefe, John  Announcement Video
 Osterholm, Michael  
 Oosthuysen, Jeanne  
 Perry, Brandonn  
 Plummer, Kevin  
 Porteous, Nuala  
 Puttaiah, Raghu   Valued Sponsors and Exhibitors
 Reznik, David  These Companies and Organizations Contributed to the Success of the 2014  Conference
 Ruff, Jesley  
 Smith, Andrew  
 Stanford, Sharon  
 Steen Andrew  
 Straw, Julie  
 Strock, Sheila  
 Wann, Olivia  
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