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OSAP 2014 Symposium - Chairside Screening for Serious Medical Conditions – Hands-on Workshop

OSAP 2014 Symposium: Moving forward to a safer tomorrow in dentistry 

TITLE  Chairside screening for serious medical conditions – a hands-on workshop

DESCRIPTIONScreening and monitoring for systemic disease risk in a dental setting are valuable components for more effective disease prevention and control and health care delivery. This strategy can identify patients at increased risk of disease yet unaware of their increased risk and who may benefit from proven prevention/intervention strategies.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) are 2 systemic infectious diseases that dental health care professionals can help identify with the goal of improving health outcomes, addressing health disparities, and improving the quality and quantity of life. Whether by identifying suspect oral lesions, as is the case with HIV infection, or offering rapid screening tests in the dental setting for both HIV and HCV, the dental team can play an important role in linkage to confirmatory diagnosis and care.

Additionally, the involvement of oral health care professionals in strategies to identify individuals at increased risk of developing coronary heart disease and diabetes can extend preventive and screening efforts necessary to slow the development of these diseases and provide a portal for individuals who do not see a physician on a regular basis to enter into the general health care system.


SPEAKER(S)Helene Bednarsh RDH MPH

Michael Glick DMD

Barbara Greenberg MsC PhD

David Reznik DDS



After attending this program, participants should be able to:
  • Describe the epidemiologic, clinical and public health highlights of coronary heart disease (CHD), diabetes mellitus (DM), HIV and HCV.
  • Explain the rationale for chairside risk screening for these diseases in a dental setting.
  • Describe criteria for screening eligibility and how to conduct screening tests.
  • Explain how to discuss the results of the chairside screening tests with the patient and criteria for patient referral to a primary care or other appropriate providers based on documented guidelines.


Part 1
Part 2

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OraQuick Advance HIV 1/2 Training Video

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