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5/31/2018 » 6/3/2018
2018 OSAP Annual Conference

OSAP 2014 Symposium - Conspiracy Theories in Science

OSAP 2014 Symposium: Moving forward to a safer tomorrow in dentistry 

  Conspiracy Theories in Science

DESCRIPTIONToday's emphasis on patient-centered health care may pose challenges to oral healthcare professions treating patients with staunch beliefs in "medical conspiracies." the plethora of available non-peer reviewed scientific information enables any individual to find support for unconventional viewpoints and beliefs.

Moreover, increased display of scientific skepticism and distrust in governmental agencies and other authorities have resulted in almost half of Americans now believing at least one medical conspiracu, and 18% believing three or more.

Medical conspiracy beliefs affect health behaviors and can have serious public health consequences. As oral healthcare professionals attempt to increase their role in primary care and improve health outcomes, the impact of medical conspiracies needs to be understood and addressed.

This presentation will review some popular biomedical conspiracies, identify features of conspiracy thinking, and discuss ways in which to counter public skepticism and misinformation.


SPEAKER(S)Michael Glick DMD



After attending this program, participants should be able to:
  • Identify the role of conspiracy thinking in shaping both patients attitudes towards health issues and health behavior
  • understand the importance of countering misinformation that poses a public health threat
  • Promote public health education and a broader understanding how integration of practices, such as opportunistic immunization in oral health care settings, will enhance overall patient care



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