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Annual Conference Volunteer Opportunities

Why get involved?

  • Volunteering could be the best professional and personal investment you've made in years.
  • Professionally, you will make valuable contacts and increase your knowledge of infection control and occupational safety and health.
  • Personally, you can expect new friends, fun and personal growth. It's fun and rewarding.
  • Volunteering in OSAP is also one more way to demonstrate your commitment to the infection prevention community.
  • You are invited to a special reception just for volunteers!

      I just joined as a member. Why would you want me?

      • All OSAP members have something valuable to contribute, and volunteering can help you meet people who can help you in this field. Plus, we could use your new and fresh ideas!

      How much time will it take?

      • It depends on the job; some are for 20 minutes to an hour and some may take longer. We've made some estimates to give you an idea for each task.

      How do I know where I'll fit in?

      • Look for your areas of expertise, or just areas of interest.

      SIGN ME UP!!! Just send an email and tell us where you want to help.

      Before the Annual Conference
      Educational Committee Member Evaluate input from needs assessment instruments, identify topics to address needs, develop learner objectives and outcomes, select instructional formats, identify speakers and coordinate speaker materials, develop theme based on content for marketing committee Monthly conference calls
      Marketing Committee Member Based on content and theme, develop communications strategy and pertinent marketing tools including brochures, press releases, mailers, etc.
      Monthly conference calls
      Scientific Abstracts Committee Member Develop scientific program plan, identify target audiences, solicit abstracts, review and select quality abstracts Monthly conference calls
      Events Help coordinate details for one of the events planned including:  USS Midway Tour, auction, dine-around, welcome wine & cheese, closing reception Monthly conference calls
      During the Annual Conference
      Speaker Hosts
      Contact assigned speaker prior to the Conference to welcome them to OSAP, greet speaker upon arrival to San Diego, introduce to OSAP members, ensure they are familiar with hotel layout, speaking venue, A/V, etc. 1-2 hours
      Breakout Room Hosts Introduce concurrent speaker, manage time, give CE number, ensure speaker has water, etc. 15 minutes prior and length of session
      Registration Assistants Help process registrations, provide handout materials, answer questions 2-3 hours
      Photographers Take digital photographs per assigned shot sheet also candids throughout the symposium 1-2 hours
      Handout Assemblers Assist in organizing handout and other materials for registration on Wednesday, June 2
      2-3 hours
      Auction Aces There are a number of options:  working on writing up auction forms, logging in items onto computer, "merchandizing" auction items by arranging attractively, if you're a bit of a "ham" you can help model items in live auction, assisting with bid entry into computer during auction, assisting with auction check-out and more. 1-4 hours
      A/V Coordinators Ensure that proper A/V is set up and coordinate with speaker to ensure equipment is operating correctly. 2-4 hours
      New Member Ambassadors Help welcome new members during first timers' orientation on Thursday, June 3
      1 hour
      Awards Coordinator Ensure proper awards are in place, award recipients are available and photographs are taken of each awardee at assigned times 1 hour
      Abstracts Coordinator Ensure that posters are correctly numbered, abstract presenters know what they need to do and when and that abstracts are removed safely and on time 30 minutes
      Exhibitor Coordinator Ensure exhibitor signage is correct, that each exhibitor understand hours and expectations and handle any exhibitor questions and issues 2 hours
      Signage Coordinators Ensure signage is placed in proper locations at assigned times and removed when event is completed 20 minutes
      USS Midway Tour Director Ensure all those signed up for off-site events are "on the boat" (note - sense of humor required, captain's hat optional) 15 minutes prior and length of event
      OSAP Help Desk Coordinator Staff the help desk and answer questions about resources and other issues that may arise as well as sell OSAP salable resources
      2-4 hours


      SIGN ME UP!!! Just send an email and tell us where you want to help. And thank you.

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