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CDC Guidelines: From Policy to Practice by OSAP




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CDC Guidelines: From Policy to Practice by OSAP uses plain language and a structured, easy to follow format to first explain infection control and safety concepts, then describe how to apply those concepts in the dental practice setting.

Job Categories identify who within the practice needs to learn and apply each chapter.


Examining the Issues explains why each set of practices and procedures is important.


A comprehensive Glossary and list of Terms You Should Know define important words and phrases you will come across in each chapter.


Step by Step instructions explain how to perform common procedures in practice.


Common Questions and Answers outlines areas where clarification or clinical judgment may be needed.


Exercises in Understanding brings recommended procedures right into your practice setting.


Recommended Reading and Resources points you toward related info in the scientific literature and on the World Wide Web.


Self-Tests at the end of each chapter make sure you're familiar with the material before moving on.



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