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5/30/2019 » 6/2/2019
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FAQ -Waste Treatment & Disposal - 2015
 FAQ - Waste Treatment & Disposal - 2015



We are in possession of some large oxygen and nitrous tanks. They have been in our office for 25 years, in a closet. They have never been hooked up for usage. We are requesting the correct way to dispose of these tanks? The original company for these tanks is no longer in business. The local welding company that supplies our size E tanks for use does not want anything to do with these tanks. When I asked if we could simply dispose of these as scrap material, the welding company said I should contact OSHA for the correct disposal method. Can you supply information on this for us?

I have recently heard from a waste hauling company that we must segregate local anesthesia cartridges and have them hauled due to epinephrine being in them and that is considered a pharmaceutical. Could use some help knowing if this is true. Thank you.

I am wondering if you could point me in the right direction with a question we came across from one of our students. Is there a specific type of waste container suggested for non-regulated garbage to be used on our clinic floor. We currently use hinged door type containers and some of the students are concerned about contamination from pushing on the hinged door with bare hands.

I have heard that you cannot put Tarter and Stain remover down the drain because of the pH. It was stated that you had to add baking soda to the tarter and stain if you wanted to pour it down the drain. Any comments???

Is there a specific standard regarding the proper disposal of glass carpules and bottles?

Looking for some information on pharmaceutical waste. I was recently contacted by our hazardous waste company about separate waste containers for anesthetic vials and topical analgesics? Is this an EPA standard and what is the correct handling for a dental office? Thank you in advance for any info you can share regarding this subject.

What are the guidelines for disposing of partials and dentures patients do not want to take home?

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