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OSAP’s efforts to identify emerging issues that impact dental infection prevention and safety are commendable.

-Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH,

  Director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Thank you VERY much for support of BBP training and invaluable information.  The information you sent is very useful for our clinic and in the education of our students.  I am pleased to know that there is such a fantastic group to support safety in the workplace.
            -Kathryn Walker RDH, BS
             Educator, University of Maine Dental Health Programs
             May 2016

Thank you so very much for these incredibly well-detailed, excellent responses and the additional enclosed FAQ's and answers.  I am sure that the Coast Guard Chief Dental Officer requesting assistance in this matter with OSAP's outstanding guidance will be equally grateful for your help in providing these references.  This more than covers all of the justification and rationale required for the topic of laundering commercially vs. a program managing contaminated laundry in-house.  Thank you again once again OSAP and to the entire Ask OSAP Team for your outstanding service!
            -Randolph A. Coffey, DMD, MS, MAGD, FICD, ABGD
             CAPT, U.S. Public Health Service 
             February 2016

Thank you again for all the love you have shown to Atlanta Technical College. Eternally grateful. 

-Marisha Singleton, RDH, BS, MPH

 Clinical Coordinator for Atlanta Technical College
 February 2016

I often see school manuals listing the requirement to have hair up which seems to make sense, however, I couldn’t find any references justifying the need to keep hair secured and out of the face. It seems like common sense that it would allow the doc or hygienist to be able to see better, and, limits the amount of surface area exposed to aerosols. I appreciate the references provided through the “Ask OSAP” benefit of my membership. 

- Karen Daw, MBA, CECM
  Clinic Health & Safety Director
  The Ohio State University College of Dentistry
  February 2016

The OSAP website is great and tremendous asset for us at Healing Hands Health Center as we pursue excellence in all we do.  We have Eastern Tennessee State University senior dental hygiene students at our clinic as well as senior dental students from the University of Tennessee (a group of 4 students rotating through our clinic for2 weeks at a time), and seven volunteer dentists, one part-time dentist, and instructor from U of T and myself an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  We have been very impressed with the material on the website and the ease with which we can secure information and documentation.  It allows us to go as deeply as we want in the pursuit of information.  Keep up the exceptional work of OSAP – I know that Brittany Robinson, RDH our Infection Control Coordinator and I will be continually blessed by your diligent pursuit of excellence as well.

- Samuel Molind, DMD
  Global Health Outreach Director, Global Health Relive
  Dental Director, Healing Hands Health Center
  January 2016


As an RN, I can’t tell you how pleased that I was to learn about OSAP and also utilized many of your resources.  I was able to attend the boot camp in 2013 and 2015, both were extremely useful and well done. Keep up the good work!!!   

- Ann Berg, RN
  Infection Prevention/Education Coordinator
  Access Community Health Centers
  November 2015

Like everything OSAP does, this (Member Survey, October 2015) is an exceptionally good survey! OSAP has been and will always be my favorite international dental organization!  Keep up the great work and as Diana Ross would sing “If you need me, call  me…”

- David Reznik DDS
  HIV Dental Alliance











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-Marisha Singleton, RDH, BS, MPH

-Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH,

  Director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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