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News Summary For October 2017

During the month of October 2017, there were a total of 165 links to news items posted on Daily Updates. 

The top news areas included:

International Infection Prevention Week was observed
A pandemic alert was noted with Tuberculosis as world's No. 1 infectious killer
A study found a high burden of oral HPV and related cancers in men. More men than women are infected with oral HPV.
Legionnaires' Disease is on the rise in the United States
AAP released Infection Prevention and Control in Pediatric Ambulatory Settings   
Flu experts see the potential for a nasty winter season
Global Handwashing Day was observed

Other noteworthy areas of interest include:

Research linked antibiotics and emergency department visits to community C. difficile infections
The NIH Director released a statement on combating the opioid crisis with scientific solutions   
Research found the risk for developing HPV-related throat cancer to be low
Genomic data may help reveal hidden MRSA outbreaks
UMass Amherst researchers reported that triclosan and other chemicals accumulate in toothbrushes
The opioid epidemic is also hitting older adults
The majority of US measles cases result from lack of vaccination
Studies show a rise in drug-resistant TB in India and China
ACIP gave a nod to a new shingles vaccine and a 3rd MMR dose for outbreaks
Questions arose about a dangerous bird flu on the horizon  
New antibiotic resistance genes were identified
A durable end to the HIV/AIDS pandemic likely will require an HIV vaccine
California declared a state of emergency after a hepatitis A outbreak
The first human trial of a DNA-based Zika vaccine shows promise

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