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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Archived Through 2012
 FAQ - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Archived Through 2012


Gloves l Other PPE 



Does OSAP have a reference or rationale that could be used to explain to an affirmative action officer about the "absence of type IV latex allergy" in the dental world? 


Other PPE

What are your guidelines for proper barriers when handling any contaminated materials? 

Could an employee subcontract with a doctor to take soiled personal protective equipment (PPE) home and launder it? 

How does one appropriately wash eyewear? 

Should a mask be worn under the face shield? 

Can you use antimicrobial soap on protective glasses? 

Should you wear a disposable gown rather than a cotton gown? 

Where can I find a laundry service that can handle contaminated lab coats and gowns service? 

I am a dental hygienist who works part-time in more than one dental office. Does each employer have to provide and launder a smock to be worn when working in that particular office? 

I need information on the proper donning, removal, and disinfection of gowns, gloves, respirators, eyeshields, leg coverings, and shoe covers? 

I need some information on handwashing agents in dentistry.

Should face masks be changed between each patient whether there is visible contamination or not?

What is the criteria for dental masks? How much filtration for general practice? Cone or elastic fit behind the ears?

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