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SDV Kit for Dental Practices

The Safest Dental Visit™ Toolkit                  


As part of the healthcare team, dental professionals are committed to patient and provider safety. OSAP has introduced the Safest Dental Campaign to highlight and support safe dental visits. An important element of the Safest Dental Visit is the pledge which outlines critical guidelines and practices to help ensure the safety of every patient. This is the Safest Dental Visit Pledge:


  1. Complies with current CDC Guidelines
  2. Has an infection control coordinator
  3. Fosters a culture of infection prevention and safety
  4. Actively participates as an OSAP member

The tool kit presented on this webpage supports dental practices to make this pledge by providing information, education, and regular reminders to engage staff in infection prevention and safety.

The Role of the Infection
Control/Prevention Coordinator                           

OSAP members can better understand how a dental practice can make a case for an infection control coordinator, what this position entails and specific resources
that are available to help develop and guide the dental worker assigned this important responsibility.


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Understanding CDC Guidelines                      

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its most
 dental infection control guidelines in late 2003. OSAP takes its members through the key elements of the guidelines and provides links to numerous resources to successfully implement the policy guidelines into the day-to-day practice of safe dentistry.  

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Brief Overview of OSHA Regulations for Dentistry                                              

Ensuring dental practices are compliant with OSHA regulations can be a challenge.
OSAP helps its members understand what the agency does, what standards are
required in oral healthcare settings, the training that is necessary, what an Exposure
Control Plan comprises and what resources they can access to help manage
this important aspect of the practice.


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Culture of Safety &  
The Safest Dental Visit                       

OSAP members learn about the Culture of Safety, how to incorporate a safety culture into a dental practice, mechanisms to determine adherence to safety guidelines and policies, what the Seven Pillars are and Root Cause Analysis.


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How to Maximize Your OSAP Membership                   

OSAP members have an array of benefits of which they may not even be aware. The link below guides members through the information, education and resources they can access to help ensure every visit is the safest dental visit for patients and the entire dental team. Learn how to maximize the value of OSAP membership!

Not a member and want to be part of the campaign? Click here 

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The information above is a resource prepared by the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) with the assistance and expertise of its members. OSAP is a nonprofit, independent organization providing information and education on infection control and prevention and patient and provider safety to dental care settings worldwide. This resource is an overview with links to more detailed information. Additional relevant information is available on CDC, OSHA, EPA, OSAP and other websites. Content provided is current at time of publication. OSAP assumes no liability for actions taken based on information herein.


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