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OSAP Super Sponsor

OSAP Super Sponsor

OSAP offers the Super Sponsorship to a limited number of manufacturing or distribution companies who are interested in a significant partnership with OSAP in its mission of ensuring the safe and infection-free delivery of oral healthcare. 

Enhance Your Customer Relationships
Receive weekly and monthly updates delivered to your sales force and marketing professionals for up-to-the minute, relevant news that pertain to your infection prevention and safety product categories. Engage your customers in timely conversations about issues impacting their practices.

A Credible Source of Information When You Need It
Your corporate membership gains your access to reliable data, time critical updates, education, partnership savings and opportunities to meet opinion leaders who share in OSAP’s mission to ensure safe and infection-free delivery of oral healthcare.

  • Tangible brand recognition
  • Foster relationships with opinion leaders
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Content licensing for approved resources

Corporate Contact Members
Corporate entities that are Super Sponsors may designate a certain number of employee "seats” for individual log-in registrations associated with the company’s ID number.

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Access and Advocacy
OSAP serves its Super Sponsors to bridge the gap between the dental practitioners, consultants and educators with the businesses that support them with:

  1. Introductions to key opinion leaders - establish valuable relationships and share your company’s expertise
  2. OSAP’s advocacy efforts help drive compliance in the dental community – compliance increases the use of aseptic/safety products

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Branding and Recognition
OSAP greatly values the support of its Super Sponsors and provides them with: 
  1. A special Corporate Member Logo that associates your company with a trusted information source in the global dental community
  2. Tangible recognition at all OSAP events, on the OSAP website and in the ICIP newsletter
  3. The leadership opportunity to represent your company and serve on OSAP’s Board of Directors
  4. Receive premium booth placement at OSAP Annual Symposium
  5. Exclusive recognition by displaying your company logo on the OSAP website homepage and all subpages
  6. Special acknowledgement as a Strategic Partner in all OSAP materials, programs, communications, meetings and promotions

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Partnership Savings
OSAP is proud to offer its Super Sponsors discounts on:

  1. Participating (attending and/or exhibiting) in OSAP live educational programs
  2. Purchasing OSAP educational products and training materials

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Reliable Data
OSAP is a continually trusted source for up-to-date news and information concerning infection prevention and safety in the dental community:

  1. The OSAP website offers countless resources and guidance (available in several languages) as well as 24-7 access to a library of references
  2. OSAP’s research team provides answers to your infection prevention questions in writing and with references
  3. Obtain 24-7 online access to monthly trends, disease and issues toolkits and back issues of all publications
  4. Participate in the OSAP Speakers and Consultants Bureau
  5. Eligible to acquire a content license to repurpose approved OSAP resources in your company’s publications or website

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Time-Critical Updates
OSAP Super Sponsors can take advantage of the following updates to keep current and stay informed:

  • Weekly email updates on breaking news and monthly trends reports
  • The bi-monthly scenario-based newsletter, Infection Control in Practice (ICIP), available 6x a year
  • The OSAP Report Online (TORO), a monthly online compilation of news, regulations and research

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OSAP offers educational opportunities to help your company understand the infection prevention and safety needs of your customers:


  • Enhance your company’s consultative selling skills by staying current with trends
  • Participate in live conferences, online and video self-paced courses are also available
  • 1. Each issue of Infection Control in Practice offers a learning assessment


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International Presence
OSAP is a global dental organization, and we want to assist your global business by helping you understand the dental happenings outside the US by:

  • Granting access to infection control guidelines and news pertinent to countries where your company has distribution
  • Providing credible resources for your company’s international representatives & customers: available in several languages

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OSAP thanks its Super Sponsors for their support in 2020. Sponsorship does not imply endorsement by OSAP of a company's products or services.

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